Monday, December 15, 2008

Gruesome act…Acid attack

This post is related to an incident which happened recently in AP, India. Two engineering girl students were followed by three miscreants and poured acid on them.

Girls are severely injured with severe burns on them. One girl is fighting for her life and has her left eye already blinded and the other one is in depression. Three guys were caught by police yesterday, the main accused confessed to crime. Reason – girl refused to oblige his love advances. A previous complaint in police was registered by accused parents of harassment by the same guy 6 months ago, who came out on a bail.

Without any shame or guilty on his face, accused told media he hatched a plan to disfigure girls face as he is hurt by rejection. There was huge public outcry on the incident. People wanted a public trail of the case.

So what happens next is a shocking revenge act, which surprised many people but I was happy. Three accused were killed in an encounter by police. It was made up encounter killing but public is far by happy though politicos and human rights org has apprehensions by the act of police. At least people learn lesson from this. Any criminal would think twice to do these kinds of heinious crimes.

But is this enough? What about the girls who might have to undergo the trauma for their life, surgeries and expensive treatments and a question in life “why me”. I can just pray for these girls for a speedy recovery and for confidence to lead the life further.