Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jobs,interview uff tired

I was working till this May’06 and got bored with the night shifts and all the side effects that come along with night shift jobs. Spondalities, backaches, and dry eye huh I can just name few, there are many more things that prompted me to say ‘quit”. With friends, parents backup took a break from work. Initially it was quite difficult for me to adjust to the new life (it was indeed new) sleeping at nights by 11 was the most difficult task. And then it was handling domestic issues. I was completely cut with the rest of world while I was working .No relatives No friends No socializing .So I had to start all these from scratch, My mom would drag me to each n every function/party/social gathering uff it was very hard for me to tell each of my uncles and aunts why did I quit the job and what am I planning next, they would advice me of what I need to do, and would suggest my parents to marry me off and finish off their responsibility. Grrrrrrrrrr. This annoyed me a lot .

I took a break for not just refreshing myself but also to shift my career to what I wanted to do for long time So I enrolled myself into a course which was for almost 1 and half month ,and didn’t even realize when it was over. Then I started feeling that itchy of going back to work but still wanted some sort of practical knowledge, so joined today again for real time experience project

At the same time I had few tempting offers with big shot companies with great pay packages but I would just give interviews for building my confidence and to know my value in the job market, but there is one company for which am giving my best shot nowadays –Google. It has repute of being toughest hiring process ,am already done with initial rounds and today I got a call from them ,they discussed the pay package with me, I was bit taken back with the pay package but since it was day shift and a great company to associate with compromised on amount and said yes, so I wld have to attend further rounds even though this is not the career I thought of, I didn’t want to loose out the chance of working with such a great company My mom asked if I wld get job here would take it, I said I would grab the offer with both the hands.But i said this only not to disappoint her . I started my trials so in case if I get any good offer before this probably I may not consider Google since their process takes quite long time

My mom says she is shocked to see me loosing good offers and questions me “Do you really wanna say no to this job?” she says they never had choices on jobs ,and feels I should not be over confident .But I tell her not to worry and I say Time has the answers and also tell her I believe in consistency .so once I get the right job,I would happily settle down in that rather than jumping from one to another company and would look for growth prospects

Wish me luck