Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not a ‘Proud Indian’ any more…

“These Andhra settlers need to be thrown out of Telangana area, they have literally stole all our resources”

“We want a united Andhra”

“Only Marathi speaking people are allowed to stay in Maharastra”

“We want a separate state - Gorkhaland”

Disgusting isn’t it? When someone talks to me about Telangana or AP issues these days, I avoid them. Reasons are aplenty. The first question when a person wants to debate on ‘the current burning issue’ is – “to which region you belong to? Andhra, Rayalaseema or Telangana”.

And my answer these days is I belong to neither AP nor India anymore. I was meant to live on this planet and earn my livelihood by working, so I am just here in a place called Hyderabad.

I realized, agitations on separate state/ united state are not just instigated by politicians but the shocker to me was few educated fools too are actively involved.

The other day I spoke to a guy who was a pro-telangana, ans a S/W engineer by profession (IIT product). All that I could sense from teh conversation was that he has so much hatred towards people from Andhra/Rayalaseema. He wishes all the settlers to be thrown out of the area. I wished him all the best. Huh!

Another guy who works in Navy and hails from Andhra region says, Telangana can be developed only with Andhra/Rayalaseema support it seems. Ohh...accha!

I am a telugu and when I speak to other telugu people I wouldn’t ask them to which part of Andhra Pradesh do they come from. But these days I see so many people asking me the same question again and again! And I can’t run out of this state cos all the other states in India have same kind of issues, if there are not any issues in a particular state; they are for sure created in near future. Why can’t we just live our lives peacefully, it shouldn’t matter much whether we belong to south – north India or any part of state right?

It is depressing to see the ‘state’ of this country. Oh no please don’t give me any false encouragements or say ‘vote next time and change the fate of country’ – vote is not gonna work out in this country called India. The only solution I can think of is apocalypse to the world.

Uggh. Yea I said that. I’m no mood to say sorry for the above statement.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Disgruntled Employee of the Month...that 'was' me.

“We are paid peanuts.”
“Unfriendly company”
“Managers are damagers”
“I cannot take the stress any more. My company treats me like a donkey”
“No growth prospects in my present company”

Have you heard these (probably said these) in your life? If not then you don’t belong to present generation of ‘normal’ employees.

When I finished my schooling it was my parent’s decision to choose my subjects for my college.

When I finished college it was markets demand that I join mad race of getting an S/W job.

When I’m in a job I realize I am not satisfied with what I do and clueless on what I want to do.

Most of us aim for two things in life - money and settlement. All that we want is secure job which can help us to earn lot of money, buy a place to live in (of course with all those huge loans!) and sleep with a peace of mind!!!. Isn’t this that all of us wanted??

After slogging for few quarters to achieve something in my job, I forgot to enjoy my life. I was working weekdays, weekends and on holidays too. But, I realized it’s not worth the effort when reality struck. I am frustrated, irritated and blamed managers (of course blamed myself too :). When I look around, every one has the similar feeling and are in the same lineage as am in. So I’m not alone in the mess (oh yea it makes me feel little better)

I realized today that I’m wasting valuable time of my life cribbing about things that didn’t go well. When I look back - the past six months of my life (job) made me stronger and has lot of happy moments to cherish - which I’ve not thought about. I’ve made lot of friends in office and I’m more social now, tuning my (idle) brain for certain good things which reminds me that my confidence level is in a new high. Also, the support that I’m getting from family and friends to cheer me up is invaluable. I wish I can keep this tempo up and enjoy the life as it comes.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Past few weeks have been very tiring(Months, if I may say so) with my work targets etc. I’ve been thinking of taking vacation to travel which looks like a distant dream considering my work schedules and savings. Last week decided to take a vacation leave on Friday.

I was at my parents place. Siri wanted to watch a movie. So the only interesting movie in theaters right now is ‘Oy!’. Krishna joined us.

Siddharth’s character in the movie is of a rich-spoilt brat who believes in short-term pleasures. Predictably he falls in love with Shamili, who leads a planned life and is a loner. It is love at first sight and he tries to woo her in all possible ways, which works but there is a twist in the love story.


The role for Siddu is tailor-made and he is flawless. It seemed like he has become a pro playing lover-boy roles. Shamili suited the role of an ordinary girl. I actually tried finding any resemblances of her childhood, none in vain. She is changed a lot. Her performance is just okay. Story is dragging in the second half.

Comedy tracks are not really great except for the Pradeep Rawat and Sunil episode. Music by Yuvan is superb. His music is excellent and all the songs are soothing to ears. I personally liked “Oy-Oy!”, “Seheri” and “Saradaga”. Pictuarization is not exceptional but is pleasant to eyes.

The first half of this year, most of the Telugu movies disappointed me. Billa, nachavule, Konchem istam konchem kastam, Evariana eppudaina were just average. Only block buster I thought and enjoyed thoroughly was “Kick” (including Songs). I hope the rest half of the year has something good in store for Telugu cine-goers.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Technology is a ...

I don’t miss my parents...thanks to mobile phones and video conferencing. I don’t miss any important updates of my friends’ life...thanks to their blogs and to their profiles on social networking sites. I don’t miss any movies that I didn’t get tickets...thanks to torrents. I don’t miss any news updates...thanks to News feeds. I don’t miss any TV serials...thanks to YouTube: P.

Of course all my friends know what I’m up to every minute through my tweets’.

I read an article on BBC a few days back in which a boy is asked to use the first Sony Walk-Man set. He was embarrassed to take to his school as it was a large box with various buttons on it. I’m sure back in 60-70’s people might have been curious about evolving technology, though it was available only to rich people, these days we rather ask for the affordable technology to be made available to make our life too easy for us.

My grandmother thinks of Internet as Google. My dad thinks Google has answers for everything (Oh yea it’s true though). I remember, about three years back, when I first introduced my mom to chatting on yahoo to talk to my sister, she was pretty excited. My nephew who is in sixth grade now scraps me on Orkut asking me to login to my G-talk to talk to him to suggest new game portals. My friend’s parents look for suitable alliances for their children online through matrimonial sites.

One of my friends decided to purchase home and she scans all possible deals online through discussion forums and tries to squeeze maximum discounts from various vendors for her new home.

So what if for one day technology vanishes? If network fails...Satellite TV stops...Internet crashes...Unimaginable right? Technology is boon for people like me, though it looks like I’m too much addicted and depended on it but is it possible to backtrack?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

India Votes...

What a fun it has been to cast my vote today. After debates, arguments and frustration on politics and our political leaders finally India started voting today. At least we, people of India get to be ‘Ek din ka sultan’. None of our politicians or leaders are going to give us this much of attention and respect until next elections.

I decided I would get up early in the morning and go to the polling booth. Krishna went to vote by 8.30 as he had to go to office (Thanks to AP Govt. timely initiative for declaring a holiday for MNC’s on polling day). I prayed god that at least this time our political leaders will change for good after being elected.

My dad dropped me till the polling booth, at around 10.00 A.M. I was amazed to see the turn out. People were in long queues. I saw my old friends in the queue. Old people were complaining about lack of facilities and severe heat. But I thought EC this time has done quite a commendable job with the arrangements. Pregnant ladies and old people were sent in without having them to wait in the queue, to cast their vote. Drinking water was arranged. Finally, it was my turn to exercise my right and of course, duty.

Polling agents and officers were very cool and helpful. I cast my vote and came out. It was a great feeling. Hopefully, next time we will have bio-metric cards for elections and the confusion of voters is lessened. When other developed nations use our IT professionals’ knowledge to build an effective electoral system for their elections why are we still lagging behind – only our next Indian Govt. who gets elected have answers for it.

Anyways, Happy voting India. ☺

Thursday, January 29, 2009


We come across so many people in our life everyday. We meet people in offices, online, sometimes in unusual ways.

We never assume a person to be bad or harmful in the first meet. Supposedly, if the person is one whom you got to meet with a reference we just blindly believe him/her and make a first impression.

Somehow, I never make first impressions and I recommend people too, to change the habit of it, especially online. A girl/guy whom you met on internet may be sweet, cute and talks like an angel. Don’t be judgmental right away. Take some time and unless someone in your peer group know him/her by face never trust them for what they say they are.

I had lot of fun yesterday playing a prank in an online forum group. Of course another friend of mine helped me to cook up a story that I’m not the girl he assumed and I am quite old and lured him to meet me in person and looted his money. We wanted to keep the name a secret for sometime.

The reaction was quite funny. People who were so sure of the girl they know for years couldn’t have been a fake. They were suddenly shaken. They didn’t want to believe but somewhere in their mind they are scared. They advised my friend to give a complaint in police and were thanking my friend for coming out with the ‘real’ story.

It was humorous but people can learn a lesson or two from this. Take some time to place trust. By the way don’t give your phone numbers and you important information right away to a stranger.

Trust’ is not just a word. Make sure you are using it on a right person so that you will not fall into any kind of problems.

P.S: I met a guy online few years ago and I got married to him and have no regrets for the decision.☺☺☺

Friday, January 23, 2009


Ishq ke charche bahut hain,
Husn ke parche bahut hain,
Hum ne bhi dekh liya ishq karke,
Par kambakht ishq me kharche bahut hai!!

So I got this shayeri from Airtel updates. I loved it. So what is it all about us long for in life?

Everyone wants to experience ‘love’ (I’m only talking about boy-girl love here). They need that eternal experience. And when someone really feels it they know it also comes with some sweet pain and few of them are happy about the pain and a few suffer the pain.

I have a few friends who fell in love, got married to their sweethearts and enjoying fruitful life. And few crib that they choose a wrong guy/girl as partner and wish they were never married. Few people whom I got to know socially (groups, online forums) have openly said they don’t want love or marriage in their life. And mostly these are people who have to deny desire for love as they cannot attain. This means they too long for it but wouldn’t admit it.

I have a friend who is stressed out as the girl he is in love with (She too likes him) is unable to take a stand for him as she is too scared to talk about it to her parents. And it is understandable as she might have got such circumstances at her place which might not allow her to go against her parents. Both of them want to be with each other and get married. And it is highly impossible.

It is easy for outsiders like us to give advices and suggestions but ultimately it is them to decide what matters most. And it is painful for both to part ways, but the only good thing is they always will have respect for each other in their life and would have no bitterness about the relationship in future.

My close friend is getting married soon. It is a kind of arranged match by parents. I can see that she is already attached to the guy within weeks of meeting him. I’m sure she might be asking her self - Is this love?

And yes it is, though she might not openly admit. Love and marriage are two different things. But if you are marrying your love or loving the person after your marriage is one and the same and it is a rewarding experience.

So, all I can suggest is go for it rather than passing sour statements on love and marriage. Remember rose has thorns. And do let me know about the experience. I’m waiting ☺