Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorists…We Need Answers?

Thursday morning: Turned on my TV in the morning at 5.30 after I woke up to see the cricket update. I slept early before night so wanted to catch up with the cricket score.

So the first scene I get to see was a ‘mad man’ photo with a gun on screen and news tickers on Mumbai seizure. It was confusing for me to even understand what was going on. After 5 mins I realized that something really bad has happened.

While I was coming to office I realized that we are living in such an insecure world. It is the fear of losing not just ones life but our loved ones which is more depressing. My mind was blank for whole day. I didn’t want check the news papers or read the discussions which were on forums. I felt since 2001 9/11 world is at war - terrorism is the opponent.

So who are all these fanatics who create havoc? They are just like any other human being living on earth but their minds are polluted with religious extremism and hatred. I always wanted to ask these terrorists few questions-

Why do you kill innocent people and pass a statement “it is revenge” when these innocents doesn’t have anything to do with your lives directly or indirectly?

Do you people really know the value of life?

Don’t you have near and dear who love you and want you to lead peaceful life?

What is any violence to do with the religion?

I believe in God and you too. But why do you have to force people to believe in what you believe?

So you think other people are threat to you and it is in your defense you are on killing rampage. Why don’t you think that this might backfire anytime on you and your people sooner or later?

Each tragedy stuns the nation, our people. How long are we going to take this **** from you mad people? One day irrespective caste, creed or religion everyone who is tired of your antics will not take it anymore.

Help yourself and love life and see the difference. You are threat to self and your set of people. Stop it now for your god's sake.

Are you listening…? (You are not deaf am sure)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Collaborative Spreadsheet Art.. with Google Docs

I came across this Youtube vid on how Google Docs can be used to create art. Check out and try. It is fun(of course hard too).
Collaborative Spreadsheet Art

I love the background music of this video.

And also if you want to try something similar, you can visit Docs

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small Gestures…

Life is routine. Get up, go to office, come back, watch TV, go out for dinner or watch a movie and once in a while meet your parents come back and same routine awaits you.

So what spices up the life? Your husband praising a dish cooked by you, or your boss appreciating in your quarterly review or your dad agrees to the fact that his daughter can manage her own life and your mom accepts hesitatingly that ‘You are grown up”. See the title of my blog. FINALLY!!!

So coming to the idea of this post today, I need to get into little history. Krishna after marriage is a changed person to me. Before I got married to him he would call me every possible minute until I tell him to stop. Yea calls would stop but then messages would start pouring in asking if it is ok to call now. When I ask him to stop messaging, long emails would start. (Oh yea they are pretty long, may be 1000-2000 words, though I love to read them now)

Every other day he would ask if I can meet him up. He would ask if he can get just a minute of my time for him. But I was either too shy or skeptical to meet him at that time. Anyways, after whole lot of incidents and accidents we got married.

The role is reversed now. He hardly gets time to think about calling me. Mostly we are online and talk to each other on chat. He sends me those Robin Sharma’s verses or Chetan Bhagat’s stories online.

Suddenly today he shocked me by sending a beautiful song. Well, we were talking about a movie and he said he is sending one song from that movie, but when I actually played the song it was from a different movie, a romantic song and no need to say I was taken by surprise and of course loved his ‘unseen’ gesture after long time.

All that I want to say is a few timely gestures does good to your life and relationships. These moments are cherished and are memorable. So go and make people happy, surprise them with the things that may bring a smile on their face.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Saturday morning:
“Wake up now. Remember you have to go and play today!”
“No. I’ am not going”
“I didn’t ask you whether you are going. You must go”
“Excuse me. Let me stay at home”

This is the conversation between me and Krishna. His office has booked cricket ground for employees to play and have fun. He first gave excuses that he had one important meeting to attend to all his colleagues and when he called his boss to let him know about the meeting his boss said “I already have complaints from your subordinates that you haven’t been attending offsite and Office get-together. You better be on cricket ground tomorrow”. Ha Ha Ha. I was more than happy to hear that.

I packed him off to the ground which is not even a km from my house. Whole house was mine. I had remote of the TV for myself. I cleaned up the house for a while had breakfast and by 10.30 I was off to sleep!

I woke up by 12.30 cos of my sister’s call. She asked me what was I doing and I told her I’m enjoying.I was to call my friend Gayatri too. We planned to go out in the evening, since Krishna said he will be late I thought I would call her n let her know I might not turn up and I completely forgot about it. I remembered only when she called me to know if I' m joining her.I had to to tell her not this week. Later Krishna’s colleague calls up and asked if I would join their party to watch movie. I couldn’t give excuse and had to tell him if Krishna wants to come I wouldn’t mind.

Krishna called up and said he is not interested and wants to be at home for sometime (surprise to hear that a movie buff like Krishna can say ‘No’ to movie. Shocking isn’t it?). He also told me he scored some runs for his team and took a wicket too. their team won it seems. okay. Good to know that this guy can play. When I told the news of his team winning the match to my sister, she was too very excited. I had to calm her down saying he hasn't won a international match and it is enough to just be happy.HUH!

He came back from ground and we had lunch. He slept for sometime and by evening we planned to go out. I wanted to eat ice-cream and we went to Ohri’s havmore. I had awful-awful (name of the icecrem) which was a delight. Later we went to Prasadz played few games there (childish rt?) and were back to home.

Now comes Sunday. We both enjoyed TV and lunch at home. We had dined at new restaurant sree kreesna at Banjara hills at night, which was little too much on pocket but worth a visit for Veggies. Now Krishna complains about body pains. Ah...ha. Obviously when you are a lazy boy and play cricket after years you are bound to say uh…ah…ouch o boy. Better start playing for sometime everyday, your body stays fit and you will not be complaining about the body pains anymore. (I know this applies for me too..psst).