Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Telugu movie review : bommarillu

Hi Dilraju garu,

Let me congratulate you on the success of the wonderful movie "Bommarillu".

I m a normal cine goer who would watch the movie in theaters only when the talk about the movie is good ,and it so happened that one my friends happened to see your movie in the first week itself and has sent an sms saying the movie is excellent .So i went along with my mother . After watching the movie , i kept thinking only about one thing ,the story is definitely different and any producer would think 2-3 times whether the movie would bring commercial success or not .And hats off to you rajugaru , you dared to make this kinda cinema and made it successful too .

Also one thought which made me really happy is that my mother herself felt its our story which was untold on the big screen till now. Each and every actor in the movie had apt roles ,I m adherent fan of prakash raj and kota, especially prakash raj has lived the role .Many spoke about siddharth, i have no hesitation to say he is one real gem who would excel this industry for long time .Bhaskar handled the script so well ,especially last 15 minutes ,he hold the audiences in to his grip .

I also would like to appreciate for a clean movie,as a producer you could have added an item song or double meaning dialogs if you had any apprehensions before, on the story , After very long time i watched a complete entertainer and i have to thank you for this and hope you would enthrall the telugu audiences in the same way in near future with your movies.

Thanks a lot.

Harry potter series : Order of the Phoenix review

I watched Harry potter- Order of the Phoenix on Saturday. Harry was cute and looks like a grown up kid now. But the movie was little dragging. Of course the last 30 mins of the movie was a visual treat.

for potter freaks it is surely gonna be a delightful