Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Disgruntled Employee of the Month...that 'was' me.

“We are paid peanuts.”
“Unfriendly company”
“Managers are damagers”
“I cannot take the stress any more. My company treats me like a donkey”
“No growth prospects in my present company”

Have you heard these (probably said these) in your life? If not then you don’t belong to present generation of ‘normal’ employees.

When I finished my schooling it was my parent’s decision to choose my subjects for my college.

When I finished college it was markets demand that I join mad race of getting an S/W job.

When I’m in a job I realize I am not satisfied with what I do and clueless on what I want to do.

Most of us aim for two things in life - money and settlement. All that we want is secure job which can help us to earn lot of money, buy a place to live in (of course with all those huge loans!) and sleep with a peace of mind!!!. Isn’t this that all of us wanted??

After slogging for few quarters to achieve something in my job, I forgot to enjoy my life. I was working weekdays, weekends and on holidays too. But, I realized it’s not worth the effort when reality struck. I am frustrated, irritated and blamed managers (of course blamed myself too :). When I look around, every one has the similar feeling and are in the same lineage as am in. So I’m not alone in the mess (oh yea it makes me feel little better)

I realized today that I’m wasting valuable time of my life cribbing about things that didn’t go well. When I look back - the past six months of my life (job) made me stronger and has lot of happy moments to cherish - which I’ve not thought about. I’ve made lot of friends in office and I’m more social now, tuning my (idle) brain for certain good things which reminds me that my confidence level is in a new high. Also, the support that I’m getting from family and friends to cheer me up is invaluable. I wish I can keep this tempo up and enjoy the life as it comes.