Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Both me n my friend came out of the interview, She asked where shall we go now,since it was Sunday most of the shops were closed ,she suggested Shoppers stop which is nearby ,took an auto and went there ,did window shopping ,later we even met up with two more friends had chit-chat .it was real fun meeting the old friends .Mama called up and said its getting late better go to my aunts house and stay there for tonight ,It was around 5.00 pm .
It was good idea. I said bye to all my friends and went off to my aunts (my moms younger sister) place. Even my grandma stays with my aunts’ family.

My aunt has two kids, one daughter who has joined her engineering just this yr, and a son who is in III std. When I entered their house my kid bro was lying on sofa, grandma said he is suffering with sever cold and fever, he is the youngest of all cousins and everyone in our family pamper him. When he realized I came he came to me running and said “do you know we bought a computer and we have internet too “. I said I dint know (ofcourse just a day before granny told us abt it), his next question was if I knew anything about the computers .I said I donno much about it and asked if he is interested in sharing his knowledge, he took me to the room where the computer was ,already my cousin was on it, she was trying hard to type in the four chat yahoo messenger windows that were open .
I could see that she is no-vice in chatting, and could imagine how she would be after few weeks on yahoo .I m sure she wld expertise in typing. My kid bro asked her sister to get off from the chair so he cld teach me few things, she was not interested, I tried to convince my bro saying we could do it later but he was adamant, sis got off from the chair and now he started showing me how to turn the machine on, how can one change the desktop wall papers, how can we log in to net ,I was shocked and surprised, and with his way of teaching and handling of the keyboard /mouse skills. I said the same to my aunt
She said he knows MS-Word, aligning the things and inserting the pictures into blank doc. Probably at his age I didn’t even knew,if computer existed .And then it was the turn of my Aunt, she wanted to know how to add friends into yahoo lists and asked me about Orkutting ,I explained her about it , she listened to me carefully ,I showed her how open it is,and we accidentally had seen our cousins scraps, she was bit shocked with which one can be so open on the network and she agreed to the fact that young kids can fall into traps of cheaters and stalkers . So she asked if one can keep an eye or tab on it, I told her about parental control options that exist and other few things. Later it was the turn of my uncle whose knowledge is ok with Internet and computer stuff. But he wanted to know about the music websites and playing Disks and burning them. I have shown him how to do all those things.

My granny entered the room, she is one more reason for buying the computer, many of my cousins are now in far off places including my own sister who is in north India ,when she came to our house once I made her talk to my cousin who is in US using head phones and she could even see them through web cam. So she started asking few doubts and wanted to talk to my other aunt through system .i told her unless they are online we cant speak to them, I clicked few photos with the web cam and everyone willingly gave poses .It was real fun

One thing that stuns me is the way the electronic devices have changed our lifestyles and lives. From a kid to older people, every one has no qualms in learning them .My grandma cant travel extensively any more she misses everyone, but now on a click of a button, she can talk to her daughters, or her grand children any time.I have seen her even handling the micro Owens ,the remote controls , mobiles .It is not out of interest that she wants to learn computers or other hi-fi gadgets ,but because she has no choice whatsoever , no body has time for her , even if they want they cant travel or since most of the cousins are either out of state or country , the only way she can be in touch would be using the phones or computers. But she is happy that now she can talk n see all her children and grandchildren. Yesterday night I spoke to her from my place and she looked really happy to be in touch this way. And of course even her children (my mom esp), too were happy.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"If you would nt have stepped down from the car, Unlogo ko mein Aaj dekhletha mam”, Cab driver mused .It was around 8.00 AM, I was returning from my night shift and was alone in the cab. A car tried to overtake our car, while attempting that our cars side door got a scratch, Driver chased that car, has overtaken that car and has stopped it by putting his vehicle against theirs. Two youngsters were in that car( around mid-twenties) , our driver asked them to get out of the vehicle, they obliged him .I was little scared to tell driver to calm down, so just like others on the road I too was anxious to see what is going to happen from car Driver showed them what has happened, instead of apologizing for what they have done, both guys started shouting on the driver ,I knew the driver is alone and I too wanted to help him out ,but how?

Since it was small gulli in busy begumpet area, already few vehicles piled up behind and before us .I wanted to come out of the car and wanted to ask driver to come back but my so called ego was pulling me back. Driver and guys were still fighting, driver asked them to come to police station, They started lashing back at him saying go ahead we know big shots we’ll see what you can do and started being abusive in Hindi and English, Aha this time my blood got cold, Stupids. What do they mean? I could nt hold any more, I came out and asked driver to first take his car to aside, these guys didn’t know that I was in the cab so stared at me, I asked them in soothing voice who are the big shots that they are talking about? No answer. I told them driver was going on the right side and it is possible that they might have not seen him on their way of overtaking the vehicle, they tried to convince me in their English, I told them he is just driver and he lives with the sal paid by his employer and if for his no mistake a scratch on the car can cost him a lot .I guess this sinked well into their minds, they doesn’t want to be convinced but I knew my shot hit the right place. They asked driver what does he want right now, he said car to be repaired ,Guys said they would give 200/-rs ,driver shouted back. I asked him how much it might cost, driver said it would cost more than 200/-.i knew driver is lying, I have told these guys lets give it in a repair shop and they can pay the bill ,Guys want to scrap the incident as soon as possible ,so they asked driver how much does he want-final bid, he said it would cost atleast 800/-,they didnt agree after bit of argument they gave 500/- .The transaction was over .Funniest part was when we were leaving ,driver talking to them so gently,” ok sir thank u “ I smiled ,One of the guy said to me if in case required I can note down the phone no of his ,Oh Yeah I guess now its something else I smiled and the guy smiiled ,I said no not required and we started back.

One thing I always knew in such cases which works out well is the tone and the voice. In this harsh and rude world, we hear good words and soothing voices very rarely. People make things complex. Every one wants little love and affection and bit of respect but expect others to take the initiative. But never think of trying themselves. VERY BAD.

Am frequent visitor to blogs, forums, Orkutting, and communities. People are so free
,they can hide their inhibitions and inferiority complexes and can be what they want to and do what they want, but on what price??? I have seen stalkers, Jilted lovers and beaten friends turning to these forums making others life hell besides living their own life in hell. Being harsh, rude and fighting and insulting others would make them happy. It is to satisfy ones own sadistic zeal. And they cant stop cos it becomes addiction. They would love to see people in helplessness stage and a hapless situation, which gives them kick of a drug.

There is a guy who is very interesting character .I have seen this ‘Extra’ ordinary person in very popular Groups. The only way he can talk is being rude or abusive or in hit back attitude. First I was in opinion that he is from mars cant be from earth, but a friend changed my perception of seeing things in more practical way, He explained me in a detailed way.

The lesson I learnt: We don’t have choice We have to face them . We cant change them also. Don’t even try –there is a danger ,they might turn you like them .

Attitudes – they can be changed but only with ones own permission,we wear it on us so its on us to take it out and one more possible way is being with good people in a good environment.
Life is very small I want to share happiness learn good things , not vengeance ,revenges ,short tempers ,ego’s and attitudes .I m open to change, I know, the words said are not that easy on implementation
What’s wrong in trying?

To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right.

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Friday, September 15, 2006

One more day started ,Since i sleep late i wake up late.its almost 10. 00 now.As usual opened my eyes looked at GOD ,prayed him to make my day little better than yest .Second thing that i do is switch on my cell .Gaaaaaaaaawd Mom called since it was little late that i responded she called landline and asked my Dad if i m awake ,Dad came to my room and said get ready and have your breakfast and left.

Came to living room ,next thing i wld do is switch on my TV .I forgot, its been almost 20 mins I had paste on my brush ,Maid has come to check if im awake to continue her left over work ,she asked "amma brush ur teeth and eat something otherwise urdad n mom will scold u ".hmmm .Point noted madame. she finished her work n i mine .

Turned my system checked if my sis was online ,Yep she is ,Good .Started talking to her ,now power cut ,called her and said abt the fight Me n mom had last night. Mama was little upset with both sisters being online and chatting with people , even if i wld say mama we rnt doing anything"over" or Odd she wldnt agree,Abh kya karenge ,kar bhi kya sakthe hai ?? huh .I wanted to shout sooooooooo hard ,We are not teenagers any more nor kiddidsh.I did tell her many times that all friends are really good,and im very choosy .They help us out with my job trials and also to become better person.Na shes in no mood to listen i had to shut my mouth ,so no talks ,no communication since yest ,she tried to talk but i was deeply hurt and i didnt reciprocate .

Recently Mama n i went to a movie "bommarillu" which was all about a Son and his over protective dad . The movie's story so close to me n mom,She loved the movie,thought she wld be a changed person .Na if parents could make things so easy for us ,No way.I got a call ,she wld ask who was that,I sit on the system she wld ask me with whom r u chatting ,I play games she thinks im doing wrong and wld advice me to learn cooking instead.She wld question me If im planning to get married to any one of those guys who i chat with .MAMA if it is, You would be the first one to know ,She thinks a girl spending her time online is very wrong,she wld nt say that Often but only when she cant hold those questions anymore in her mind she bursts out very angrily,Papa tries to rescue but in vain.Ofcourse i feel as if im letting her know everything that i do ,everyone who is my friend and what am gonna do next.

Now on i wld do things i want to do ,i wld do it more freely .I decided .

Oh no got a call from Mom ,I know she wld ask if I had finished my lunch or not ,I should run now and eat fast
I know i cannot change mama nor my self ,Cos I cant hurt her and I love her
I will do what you want mama ,Yes probably you are the best who knows what is better for me
Will listen to you,but when will I start do things I wanted to ????

I was little apprehensive before publshing blog,but with my sisters green signal going ahead.Love u sis