Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zaheer Khan's Romance with a cricket Fan!!

I came across this interesting video on YouTube, which shows easy-going side of our cricketers. check the video out:

After watching it i thought this girl would have become a star in her college overnight. Quite lucky I say.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kotha Bangaru Lokam

“I’m bored akka, let’s go out” Siri said. I asked her to decide whether to go to a movie or shopping. She said “Dear sis, we need to restrain from going out on shopping in this global economic crisis. It is possible that we might like something which will tempt us to spend money”. I couldn’t control my laughter and asked her what else to do. My mom said best thing is to sit at home and watch TV. Nah. We didn’t like it. My sis hasn’t watched a movie in a theater in recent months (it’s been over 6 months I guess). We decided to go to a nearby theater which will not cost much.

Kotha Bangaru Lokam is the movie we decided upon which was released two days back (Oct 10th). Story starts with narration by a mother about her son. Balu’s (Varun Sandesh) middle class parents (played by Praksah Raj and Jayasudha) are very protective and loving, studies in a residential college. Swapna (Shweta Prasad) too joins the same college. Both of them are attracted to each other and after a couple of scenes and songs they feel it is love, not simply attraction. On a college picnic for girls, Balu follows her and takes her out, eventually is caught by the authorities in college and they are asked to come back only with their respective parents. Swapna’s dad (Ahuthi Prasad) gets to know about his daughter’s wrong track and takes her home.

Balu goes home and tells his parents that for a small mistake in the college he is dismissed. Both hero and heroine do not concentrate on their studies and decide to elope. What follows next is the excellent emotional drama, which is not the usual melodramatic or sentimental scene we normally watch in the routine movies. Yes it is not one of its kind stories and we have seen many love stories like these before. What this movies offers is the realistic solution to the parents while dealing with ‘teenage children in love’.

Direction by Srikanth Addala stands out. Screenplay and casting is excellent. Especially Varun Sandesh and Shweta Prasad have the faces which suit their characters and perform well. I need not mention about Jayasudha and Prakash Raj, as usual they do justice to their characters. But surprise package is the new set of actors who act as friends to hero and heroine. They appear realistic and add freshness to the movie. Music by Mickey J Mayers is good and two songs “Nuvvani… and Nijanga nenena...” are excellent. Choreography could have been better. I need to mention about cinematography by Chota.K.Naidu. This movie stands out from other normal movies because of the camera work. Producer Dil Raju has another hit movie in his kitty.

After long long time I went to a movie with my sis (for past few months my only movie partner is Krishna). It was a good outing. We had gala time. Hope she often comes to movies with me.