Saturday, January 29, 2011

Two sisters

Warning: The post below contains some violent material, if you have a sensitive heart, please avoid reading :P

School days:

“Mama, she ate 2 chocolates and gave me only one. When I said I will tell you, she threatened me!” Siri complained.

Obviously, mom would trust Siri more than me - she is younger to me, thin and and fragile. Her innocent looks would buy mom and I got scoldings.

I wanted to take revenge. When she was running in the living room, I blocked her way with one leg of mine. Thhhhhhudddd. She fell on the floor with her face down and hurt her nose. I was more worried about myself than her – what else can poor me, who is a fourth grader do, but worry about the consequences. Even if you are not creative, you can imagine what could’ve happened to me later when Siri told mom.

College years:

“Common you cannot take my clothes, without telling me” I yelled at Siri.
“Hey, you wore my sandals without asking me. Did I complain?”
“Mom, I cannot tolerate this girl anymore. Tell her to have a separate cupboard,” I said.
Mom tried to convince both of us that we shouldn’t fight everyday for petty issues.


No way. She always drops into my space without my permission. I hated her! She hated me!!

After my Marriage:

I’m a guest in your house, so I should be given remote”

Siri was angry “Guests should just sit and watch whatever host is watching on TV. They should not snatch the remote.”

My dad who is in the bedroom comes wondering what were we screaming about, tried to calm us down and was giving an option to watch the other tv in his room.

Both of us wouldn’t cool down and were fighting like anything. The remote broke into pieces. Krishna calls at the same time. I complained. He was like tell me the whole story what exactly happened. I didn’t understand at that time, but now I know he enjoys these catfights between my sis and me. huh!

When mom came back from her work, both of us gave her our versions. She said our relatives think we are the most “ideal” and “loving” sisters and are given others as examples and we shouldn’t fight like dogs in the street.

Both of us said why don’t we tell them the truth!!

Siri has a sharp nose now, I tell her its because of me, her nose bone got corrected. We both laugh at the incident.

Mostly Siri does all the shopping (for her and me). We share our dresses and handbags and footwear too! When it is weekend, she calls me before she is even up from her bed to ask when am I coming to her home! Mom tells me when I’m not there she doesn’t watch TV that much. May be both of us actually like competing for remote.

Once she gets married and moves out of my parent’s house and this city, I will have remote for myself but I think it wouldn’t be interesting though!