Thursday, December 17, 2009

Not a ‘Proud Indian’ any more…

“These Andhra settlers need to be thrown out of Telangana area, they have literally stole all our resources”

“We want a united Andhra”

“Only Marathi speaking people are allowed to stay in Maharastra”

“We want a separate state - Gorkhaland”

Disgusting isn’t it? When someone talks to me about Telangana or AP issues these days, I avoid them. Reasons are aplenty. The first question when a person wants to debate on ‘the current burning issue’ is – “to which region you belong to? Andhra, Rayalaseema or Telangana”.

And my answer these days is I belong to neither AP nor India anymore. I was meant to live on this planet and earn my livelihood by working, so I am just here in a place called Hyderabad.

I realized, agitations on separate state/ united state are not just instigated by politicians but the shocker to me was few educated fools too are actively involved.

The other day I spoke to a guy who was a pro-telangana, ans a S/W engineer by profession (IIT product). All that I could sense from teh conversation was that he has so much hatred towards people from Andhra/Rayalaseema. He wishes all the settlers to be thrown out of the area. I wished him all the best. Huh!

Another guy who works in Navy and hails from Andhra region says, Telangana can be developed only with Andhra/Rayalaseema support it seems. Ohh...accha!

I am a telugu and when I speak to other telugu people I wouldn’t ask them to which part of Andhra Pradesh do they come from. But these days I see so many people asking me the same question again and again! And I can’t run out of this state cos all the other states in India have same kind of issues, if there are not any issues in a particular state; they are for sure created in near future. Why can’t we just live our lives peacefully, it shouldn’t matter much whether we belong to south – north India or any part of state right?

It is depressing to see the ‘state’ of this country. Oh no please don’t give me any false encouragements or say ‘vote next time and change the fate of country’ – vote is not gonna work out in this country called India. The only solution I can think of is apocalypse to the world.

Uggh. Yea I said that. I’m no mood to say sorry for the above statement.