Monday, December 15, 2008

Gruesome act…Acid attack

This post is related to an incident which happened recently in AP, India. Two engineering girl students were followed by three miscreants and poured acid on them.

Girls are severely injured with severe burns on them. One girl is fighting for her life and has her left eye already blinded and the other one is in depression. Three guys were caught by police yesterday, the main accused confessed to crime. Reason – girl refused to oblige his love advances. A previous complaint in police was registered by accused parents of harassment by the same guy 6 months ago, who came out on a bail.

Without any shame or guilty on his face, accused told media he hatched a plan to disfigure girls face as he is hurt by rejection. There was huge public outcry on the incident. People wanted a public trail of the case.

So what happens next is a shocking revenge act, which surprised many people but I was happy. Three accused were killed in an encounter by police. It was made up encounter killing but public is far by happy though politicos and human rights org has apprehensions by the act of police. At least people learn lesson from this. Any criminal would think twice to do these kinds of heinious crimes.

But is this enough? What about the girls who might have to undergo the trauma for their life, surgeries and expensive treatments and a question in life “why me”. I can just pray for these girls for a speedy recovery and for confidence to lead the life further.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorists…We Need Answers?

Thursday morning: Turned on my TV in the morning at 5.30 after I woke up to see the cricket update. I slept early before night so wanted to catch up with the cricket score.

So the first scene I get to see was a ‘mad man’ photo with a gun on screen and news tickers on Mumbai seizure. It was confusing for me to even understand what was going on. After 5 mins I realized that something really bad has happened.

While I was coming to office I realized that we are living in such an insecure world. It is the fear of losing not just ones life but our loved ones which is more depressing. My mind was blank for whole day. I didn’t want check the news papers or read the discussions which were on forums. I felt since 2001 9/11 world is at war - terrorism is the opponent.

So who are all these fanatics who create havoc? They are just like any other human being living on earth but their minds are polluted with religious extremism and hatred. I always wanted to ask these terrorists few questions-

Why do you kill innocent people and pass a statement “it is revenge” when these innocents doesn’t have anything to do with your lives directly or indirectly?

Do you people really know the value of life?

Don’t you have near and dear who love you and want you to lead peaceful life?

What is any violence to do with the religion?

I believe in God and you too. But why do you have to force people to believe in what you believe?

So you think other people are threat to you and it is in your defense you are on killing rampage. Why don’t you think that this might backfire anytime on you and your people sooner or later?

Each tragedy stuns the nation, our people. How long are we going to take this **** from you mad people? One day irrespective caste, creed or religion everyone who is tired of your antics will not take it anymore.

Help yourself and love life and see the difference. You are threat to self and your set of people. Stop it now for your god's sake.

Are you listening…? (You are not deaf am sure)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Collaborative Spreadsheet Art.. with Google Docs

I came across this Youtube vid on how Google Docs can be used to create art. Check out and try. It is fun(of course hard too).
Collaborative Spreadsheet Art

I love the background music of this video.

And also if you want to try something similar, you can visit Docs

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small Gestures…

Life is routine. Get up, go to office, come back, watch TV, go out for dinner or watch a movie and once in a while meet your parents come back and same routine awaits you.

So what spices up the life? Your husband praising a dish cooked by you, or your boss appreciating in your quarterly review or your dad agrees to the fact that his daughter can manage her own life and your mom accepts hesitatingly that ‘You are grown up”. See the title of my blog. FINALLY!!!

So coming to the idea of this post today, I need to get into little history. Krishna after marriage is a changed person to me. Before I got married to him he would call me every possible minute until I tell him to stop. Yea calls would stop but then messages would start pouring in asking if it is ok to call now. When I ask him to stop messaging, long emails would start. (Oh yea they are pretty long, may be 1000-2000 words, though I love to read them now)

Every other day he would ask if I can meet him up. He would ask if he can get just a minute of my time for him. But I was either too shy or skeptical to meet him at that time. Anyways, after whole lot of incidents and accidents we got married.

The role is reversed now. He hardly gets time to think about calling me. Mostly we are online and talk to each other on chat. He sends me those Robin Sharma’s verses or Chetan Bhagat’s stories online.

Suddenly today he shocked me by sending a beautiful song. Well, we were talking about a movie and he said he is sending one song from that movie, but when I actually played the song it was from a different movie, a romantic song and no need to say I was taken by surprise and of course loved his ‘unseen’ gesture after long time.

All that I want to say is a few timely gestures does good to your life and relationships. These moments are cherished and are memorable. So go and make people happy, surprise them with the things that may bring a smile on their face.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Saturday morning:
“Wake up now. Remember you have to go and play today!”
“No. I’ am not going”
“I didn’t ask you whether you are going. You must go”
“Excuse me. Let me stay at home”

This is the conversation between me and Krishna. His office has booked cricket ground for employees to play and have fun. He first gave excuses that he had one important meeting to attend to all his colleagues and when he called his boss to let him know about the meeting his boss said “I already have complaints from your subordinates that you haven’t been attending offsite and Office get-together. You better be on cricket ground tomorrow”. Ha Ha Ha. I was more than happy to hear that.

I packed him off to the ground which is not even a km from my house. Whole house was mine. I had remote of the TV for myself. I cleaned up the house for a while had breakfast and by 10.30 I was off to sleep!

I woke up by 12.30 cos of my sister’s call. She asked me what was I doing and I told her I’m enjoying.I was to call my friend Gayatri too. We planned to go out in the evening, since Krishna said he will be late I thought I would call her n let her know I might not turn up and I completely forgot about it. I remembered only when she called me to know if I' m joining her.I had to to tell her not this week. Later Krishna’s colleague calls up and asked if I would join their party to watch movie. I couldn’t give excuse and had to tell him if Krishna wants to come I wouldn’t mind.

Krishna called up and said he is not interested and wants to be at home for sometime (surprise to hear that a movie buff like Krishna can say ‘No’ to movie. Shocking isn’t it?). He also told me he scored some runs for his team and took a wicket too. their team won it seems. okay. Good to know that this guy can play. When I told the news of his team winning the match to my sister, she was too very excited. I had to calm her down saying he hasn't won a international match and it is enough to just be happy.HUH!

He came back from ground and we had lunch. He slept for sometime and by evening we planned to go out. I wanted to eat ice-cream and we went to Ohri’s havmore. I had awful-awful (name of the icecrem) which was a delight. Later we went to Prasadz played few games there (childish rt?) and were back to home.

Now comes Sunday. We both enjoyed TV and lunch at home. We had dined at new restaurant sree kreesna at Banjara hills at night, which was little too much on pocket but worth a visit for Veggies. Now Krishna complains about body pains. Ah...ha. Obviously when you are a lazy boy and play cricket after years you are bound to say uh…ah…ouch o boy. Better start playing for sometime everyday, your body stays fit and you will not be complaining about the body pains anymore. (I know this applies for me too..psst).

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zaheer Khan's Romance with a cricket Fan!!

I came across this interesting video on YouTube, which shows easy-going side of our cricketers. check the video out:

After watching it i thought this girl would have become a star in her college overnight. Quite lucky I say.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kotha Bangaru Lokam

“I’m bored akka, let’s go out” Siri said. I asked her to decide whether to go to a movie or shopping. She said “Dear sis, we need to restrain from going out on shopping in this global economic crisis. It is possible that we might like something which will tempt us to spend money”. I couldn’t control my laughter and asked her what else to do. My mom said best thing is to sit at home and watch TV. Nah. We didn’t like it. My sis hasn’t watched a movie in a theater in recent months (it’s been over 6 months I guess). We decided to go to a nearby theater which will not cost much.

Kotha Bangaru Lokam is the movie we decided upon which was released two days back (Oct 10th). Story starts with narration by a mother about her son. Balu’s (Varun Sandesh) middle class parents (played by Praksah Raj and Jayasudha) are very protective and loving, studies in a residential college. Swapna (Shweta Prasad) too joins the same college. Both of them are attracted to each other and after a couple of scenes and songs they feel it is love, not simply attraction. On a college picnic for girls, Balu follows her and takes her out, eventually is caught by the authorities in college and they are asked to come back only with their respective parents. Swapna’s dad (Ahuthi Prasad) gets to know about his daughter’s wrong track and takes her home.

Balu goes home and tells his parents that for a small mistake in the college he is dismissed. Both hero and heroine do not concentrate on their studies and decide to elope. What follows next is the excellent emotional drama, which is not the usual melodramatic or sentimental scene we normally watch in the routine movies. Yes it is not one of its kind stories and we have seen many love stories like these before. What this movies offers is the realistic solution to the parents while dealing with ‘teenage children in love’.

Direction by Srikanth Addala stands out. Screenplay and casting is excellent. Especially Varun Sandesh and Shweta Prasad have the faces which suit their characters and perform well. I need not mention about Jayasudha and Prakash Raj, as usual they do justice to their characters. But surprise package is the new set of actors who act as friends to hero and heroine. They appear realistic and add freshness to the movie. Music by Mickey J Mayers is good and two songs “Nuvvani… and Nijanga nenena...” are excellent. Choreography could have been better. I need to mention about cinematography by Chota.K.Naidu. This movie stands out from other normal movies because of the camera work. Producer Dil Raju has another hit movie in his kitty.

After long long time I went to a movie with my sis (for past few months my only movie partner is Krishna). It was a good outing. We had gala time. Hope she often comes to movies with me.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Search Engine Rap: Yahoo Vs Google

I came across this funny search engine rap battle video. Check out if you are interested. By the way whom do you think has won? Yahoo or Google.

You can vote on the site here

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google Android Cell Launch

Google Demo video:

CNET Video on Android Phone

Most likely this phone may not be available until next year in the Indian market. For the differences between Apple iPhone and G1 refer this link of cnet

Also refer this NYtimes blog
"But here’s the thing: Android, and the G1, are open. Open, open, open, in ways that would make Steve Jobs cringe. You can unlock this phone after 90 days—that is, use any SIM card from any carrier in it. The operating system is free and open-source, meaning that any company can make changes without consulting or paying Google. The App store is completely open, too; T-Mobile and Google say they won’t censor programs that they don’t approve of, as Apple does with the iPhone store. Yes, even if someone writes a Skype-like program that lets people avoid using up T-Mobile cellular voice minutes.
Android is not as beautiful or engaging as the iPhone’s software, but it’s infinitely superior to Windows Mobile—and it’s open. The G1 is only the first phone to use it, the first of many; it’s going to be an exciting ride."

Which means Android and G1 are open, apparently, you can unlock this phone after 90 days and use any SIM card from any carrier in it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Mobile Phone

Last week Friday my team members went to offsite. I skipped it this time as the offsite place is too far from the city. I asked Krishna to pick me from office by 4.30PM. Since he hadn’t had lunch til then, I offered him to visit his fav place ‘Pizza Hut’. He was more than happy to eat there. After finishing his pizzas he tossed an idea to go on window shopping at reliance digital store. I really wanted to go home and take a small nap. He wanted to drop his office stuff and lappy at home. He knows once I’ am home bound it is very hard again to venture out. So he said I need to stand outside and not to get in. (how dumb!)

After he parked his vehicle I ran into the house with the duplicate key. He was little disappointed but I was least bothered and went to relax. He then started his office work and disturbed my sleep with nonsense calls of his. I had no other option but to wake up. And then I asked him “Shall we go to Reliance Digital store now?” He was happy but was little hesitant. He said he might be tempted and wanted me to scrap the idea. But he didn’t know that I was planning to buy him the mobile he is longing to buy for sometime now.

By the way Krishna is a mobile freak and until last year he would buy one new piece in a quarter. After advices from his friends and me he stopped buying, though keenly followed all the mobile news. Also, he uses his mobile extensively for his office work. He checks mails and sends mails, but the problem is his phone is N73 and isn’t a smart phone (business phone). I remember once when we went to an electronic store long back, he was eagerly looking at a new sony ericsson model and I literally dragged him out of the shop. He was so very disappointed with me on that day. He said he was just looking at them and wasn’t going to buy. It was embarrassment to me and was sorry for what I did.

We went to the store and directly stopped at HTC mobile section. We have already decided not to go for any other model. Reliance digital is a cool place for electronics, the reason being the demo always is on ‘live’ models.

Sales man and a technician patiently showed us various HTC models including the latest HTC touch diamond (which I liked). And then we were shown HTC pro 4350, which has a keyboard that easily slides out. Since Krishna has to constantly send emails and have to surf the mobile we both thought it is better to have keypad with the touch phone features and it wasn't that bulky too.

Reliance was also giving free blutooth headphones as complimentary gift along with a leather pouch. I suggested him to go for a 2 GB card for now as it comes with only 256MB. Krishna didn’t want to buy it. I had to push him and said this is anniversary gift from my side. This probably is the first time I’m buying something which interests him. Clothes, Cd’s and books don’t count as gifts. He hesitated but I didn’t give up and finally we bought it.

Krishna went mad that night after coming home. After I slept he did all the research, configured his phone and when I woke up at 12.45 AM he seemed just waiting for me to wake up so that he could tell me more about the phone. I patiently listened to him and told him to sleep and continue his research on it next day. He thanked me ‘n’ times on that day and day after that.

He took me to my favorite restaurant,and to a movie ‘Homam’ next day.

I realized, just the way guys think, women spending money on accessories like jewelry, handbags and clothes is a waste and woman’s perception on putting money on electronic items and automobiles is not a investment is a misconception on both genders.

It’s the happiness that matters and spending money to buy one is not a wrong idea sometimes. So indulge in buying and giving gifts to people, if it pleases and interests them. The look on their faces in turn can make you happier.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gunde Jallumandi

“I have lots of office work and need to collect the material for my presentation, please I can’t come to the movie today. Sorry”. I knew Krishna would have been little disappointed after my reply for the movie proposal. He sighed and said “okay. I will go and just check what movies are playing in prasadz while coming from office” I didn’t find it harmful and said fine. I was in the cab and I get a call again from him giving me the list of movies. It was tempting and I had to give up as usual (I cannot blame him every time and pose that I’ m not the one who is interested in watching movies). We had to choose between “Wednesday” and a telugu movie “Gunde Jallumandi”. I opted for the latter as I already watched few parts of Wednesday online (Its awesome movie and I’m planning to watch it in a theater soon).

Gayatri(my friend) called me in the morning and while talking she told me that she has watched this movie and it was time pass. So I went without much of expectations. The first scene was on the heroine Neelu (Aditi Sharma). She fears that she might fall in love in life anytime and feels that will ruin her studies and parents expectations as it happened to her elder sister. So to be on a safer side and to avoid boys from her college to fall for her she creates a character named Rajesh as her boyfriend and propagates it in the college.

Accidentally she meets our hero Balraju (Uday Kiran) who saves her from goons. But she doesn’t get a chance to see his face except for a tattoo at his back. Balraju and his villagers decide he has to finish his degree in order to qualify becoming ‘Sarpanch’ of the village. So he is sent to study BA in Hyderabad in the same college as Neelu. She helps him in the college and expectedly both of them develop feelings for each other. But no one is willing to give up and after series of comic incidents they unite.

The director (Madan) starts the story in a very interesting way but couldn’t quite capitalize on a good concept and it fails miserably in the second half. Uday kiran can expect to come back in to the foothold of industry with this film. He did his role effectively, but the surprise package was the heroine Aditi Sharma. She performed the role with ease and never does it occur to you that she is not from south. She can become “the next big thing” here in tollywood. Music by Keeravani too is soothing though choreography of few songs is major let off. Comic track is well handled though there are few unnecessary characters in the film.

Verdict: Go and watch it for time pass.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

“Krishna is king” (of movie freaks)

“Why are you not answering your phone?” Usha (my colleague) asked me on phone extension line. Oh! I realized I kept the cell phone in my jerkin pocket and forgot about it in the noon. Krishna called her and asked the reason of me not answering the phone. Usha was little worried with the anxious voice of Krishna, I told her not to worry as I was sure he calls me anxiously for only one reason in his life.

This time I lifted the phone. He said he is at Prasadz theater and want to know my choice of movie among Bachana ae haseeno, Phoonk and Singh is Kinng. I had no choice of saying ‘NO’. I opted for singh is kinng.

It’s been more than 2 months that we went to watch a movie. We were too busy in the first week of August with cousins weddings. We planned many things on the anniversary day (18th of August), but unfortunately both of us were down with viral fever and our outing was restricted to hospitals on that day. One should look at Krishna’s face last week, he was like a King with vengeance. he he he he he. He pledged he will watch minimum 3-4 movies this week. Wonder what is gonna happen to his work and his clients’ work.

I went home from office and he was waiting eagerly for me to take to the movie hall. His close friend too had come to watch the movie along with us. As I was very hungry, he got me sugar cane juice which sucked and I gave it back to him to drink. Movie was just ok. We had good time though. Later we ate our dinner ‘not-so-good’ hotel (Krishna ditched me, he said he will take me to my fav restaurant “Chutneys” before movie). Came back and slept and routine starts.

I will ask him to come home early today and cook dinner for me for a change (I know I’m day dreaming). Huh. He pings me now and asks if I can come to the movie ‘Phoonk’.
I hate to watch horror movies and he knows that. I told him to go along with his friend and not to even think of asking me again. Ufffffff. I have to go home and cook. What a pity Soujjjj.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What A Day!

I was at home by 6.30PM yesterday. Finished cooking by 7.30 as I knew Krishna hadn’t had lunch as he was too busy in framing and filing income tax returns of his clients. He came at around 9.00PM. And said he wants me to take out for a surprise dinner. I wasn’t quite happy but had to finally agree as he was too excited to listen to me. We went to Ohri’s Gufaa for the dinner.

As all the tables were full, we had to wait for sometime and finally settled for a table right next to 6 guys who were smoking and boozing. I was hardly able to breathe. But it was a quite good dinner. We had a good ride on bike from hotel to home. By then it was 11.30 PM. My sister and parents have called me and wished in advance. Krishna has wished me and I was fast asleep.

And in the morning today I wasn’t able to get up at all. Thanks to Krishna he woke before me and took care of house-hold chores a little bit. (I wish I can celebrate a birthday every now and then in a year. Phewww!).

Somehow managed to get up and turned Krishna’s cell on and was flooded with b’day messages for me. It was good to see all those messages.

Got ready and called my parents, who sang birthday song for the first time after I grew up. I was little embarrassed but it was good. Came to office and all my dear friends including Usha, have wished me. Relatives have called me and wished me, but thank god that my current team has mismarked my birthday as July 26th instead of 29th so no one has any idea. And the first mail I could see was from my office which sent the birthday coupon for a special massage in Latitudes Spa (I am so glad I work here). Of course HM members too have flooded my inbox with wishes. Thanks to Adi, Jyothi ( I missed her call), Aloy, Kripa, Amby, Mohammed, Andy, Mannu and others. Thank you all for making my day special.

It was time for the lunch and all my batch mates have already calendared me at 12.00 to have lunch together. When I went to the cafeteria, I was pleasantly surprised to see yummy pastries brought by Sree and others. I had good lunch. So half-a-day is over and I love it. Let me see what is in store for the next half day.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pizza for dinner

“Do you know Pizza Hut has introduced new punjabi flavor pizza”, Krishna said on phone. Hmm. I know our dinner is going to be Pizza for the night. I don’t have any special liking for Pizzas or Subs, but after meeting Krishna, Pizza Hut has become our permanent hangout place.

We went to the near by Pizza Hut, Banjara Hills road. And it is full with crowd enjoying the pizzas. We ordered for a new flavour “full Punjabi” Kadai Paneer, Cheese Garlic Bread and some other pizza( I don’t remember its name). It was a good meal and we both enjoyed the pizza and looking at people around, discussing about lok sabha nuclear deal vote of confidence.

From there we headed to the new mall ‘Asoka Metropolitan’. I know he was not interested to come there as he hates shopping. And I had no clue that there was a new book shop which is opened. HuH. He was ecstatic in seeing the book store and I accompanied him. I am not a book freak nor even interested to look around. But I did found a children section which had good stack of soft toys and learning kits for kids. I adored them. Wanted to indulge in buying all those soft toys but I guess I thought its not a good time to buy. Had to drag Krishna, literally out of the store. Of course he did purchase his favorite author’s book before leaving (Robin Sharma).

We went to Music World and I purchased ‘Bhootnath’ DVD. Krishna said it’s a good ‘children’ movie and I would enjoy it. Yea! I was angry when he said that, wanted to shout “I am not a kid and this movie is meant for every age group”, but couldn’t. Chalo kshama karidiya.

It was a good outing yest. Felt like we had spent ample time after long time shopping together. Hope he agrees to come out to the clothes store today. He he he he. I know I am expecting little too much from a conventional husband. But what else can I do. After all I am a conventional wife.


Monday, July 21, 2008

Shop..til you drop.

Yea. I finished half of my shopping on the weekend. It was fun. After watching ‘Batman: the dark knight” at IMAX in the noon with my cousins, went back home and freshened up and then went to somajiguda along with my sis, mom, aunts and cousins. I bought a beautiful gold necklace with the money Krishna gave me. By the way movie was awesome and heath ledger as ‘Joker’ in the move has done fab job (sad that he is no more). Even Harvey Dent's character gives a kick to the movie. Christian bale has done a good job as Batman.

Here is the photo.

This week is gonna be another hectic week as Krishna is ready for another movie.
And I have to finish my remaining shopping to avoid last minute headaches. Will keep updated.

Happy week ahead.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shopping Season

I have started preparing myself for the celebrations that are around the corner.
Right from my birthday this month-end, cousins marriages (two of the most important marriages in our family) til my marriage anniversary on Aug-18th is gonna be one helluva time.

My sister bought quite a few stunning dresses for me as a birthday gift already. And I will anyways shop for the marriages and marriage anniversary. I am planning to take my younger cousins to shop to buy them small gifts. And where am I gonna get all the money from???? Oh my! I guess I never thought about it which actually drops me back with ‘thud’ to the ground from sky. Huh. I told Krishna the same thing.

Voila! He wants to be an angel this time around (quite a surprise, as I’am used to portray him as a villain so little difficult to digest). He promised me, he will transfer the amount into my bank account by this Saturday (its quite a huge amount), he even gave me an option for hard cash and accompany me to shopping (readers must have guessed I almost fainted).

I wish I had more time to shop. Office work is hectic and I can rely only weekends. These days Krishna is hardly in town and has very little time to spend with me. Same is the case with my mom n sis. I cannot go alone (fun of shopping is lost when you go alone). I just pray god to give me energy, patience and good deals on shopping ;)

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bujjigadu...Wah Wah...Darling

No review for this movie. Just watch it for Prabhas and his new 'hottie' look. And of course the songs and for the choreography.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Gimme a break

It’s a Friday. Every Monday I pray for a Friday. And of course it does come. I plan the whole week on what I must do and whom to meet on weekends.

I love Saturday’s most of all weekdays. I get up late from bed. Read newspapers leisurely. Laze around and be a couch potato til noon and get ready to go out on shopping. I was a shopping-freak and loved to go out until last year. This year I hardly had found time and a good company to go out on shopping. And the reason is…I’ am married. Marriage changes everything for a woman. I think it is not vice-versa though. Guy remains the same. I was a complete brat and assumed laziest person on this earth. Never did in my wildest dreams I imagined I can meet someone who is not just lazy but with whom I cannot even compete with. That of course, is my husband dearest.

When I do tell him this, he laughs and says “I warned you before marriage and you’ve not believed me. It’s not my mistake”. As simple as it is said, but doesn’t he know ‘change is the only constant thing in life’.

So here’s what I want my husband to do for me:

• Take me to the shopping or out once in a week (window-shopping will do)
(Movies and mobile stores are not counted)
• Please consider opening the main door in the mornings when the maid rings the bell at least twice in a week
• Two times a year, take me on a holiday trips outside this state.
• Cook for me a proper food that I can eat once in a while
• Help me in cleaning the house when I want
• Accompany me to my friends, relatives places and also please attend the functions with a smile rather than attending them feeling like a burden

I have many more to write but let me see progress on this, so that, I can add a few more things up there.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I have this question in my mind for sometime now - why do guys pretend to work after marriage?. I know quite a few people who drastically change after marriage. Before the commitment they engage full-time to woo the girl and once she says yes they find it very hard to spend some quality time and they have only one answer -'Busy with office work dear'.

Take for example my husband, he even works while sleeping? Don't believe it, please believe it. He has a stupid phone with a net connection on it. Initially when i saw him checking his mobile at night i got a mild heart attack and when i asked, he replied that he is checking mails as he was expecting a mail from a UK client. Then after 5.00 AM he wakes up again to check mails from his US and Indian clients. He gets up at 6.45 from bed and the first thing that he does is to turn on his laptop connect it to another stupid usb net connection and starts working. I'm his unofficial PA whom he thinks as a magician and has to find his all impt papers, diaries etc (as if I have a wand...choo mantar and i can find his papers.huh).

I have a cook who makes breakfast, he has a problem with that too cos he can leave home only after she leaves ( I go to office before him on dot 7.30AM) and complains that he cannot go to office when he wants to go early ( Liar, I know you waste time watching TV , I know she leaves by 8.00AM). Finally he reaches office at 10.00. Now I wonder what he does there. Before marriage all that he would do is to talk to me on phone for hours and I hardly get a call now, when he is in office (of course I MIND). At around 2.30 when he feels like calling or messaging me, he sends a sms saying he finished his lunch.

Evening: If he finds time (especially when he is done with so called 'Work') he would come on to chat and asks me when am I planning to leave office, and he will come home either after I reach home or just a min before I come home. And then tells me "I don't want you to be alone at home so for your sake i sacrificed my work and came home" (huh). Guess what? He says he hasn't finished some impt works which might explode anytime and will eventually give him bad image in his office. He opens his lappy or would spend hours on that idiotic mobile. Finishes his dinner (One cooked by me...alas) watching TV (and remember remote is always with him). At around 11.30 he sleeps and cycle continues.

What is the solution for it? Is he over working or pretending to work. Give me some advices how to handle the situation.

PS. I know a few of my friends who have similar kind of men in their lives. So its not a case of isolation. I wonder sometimes if i can throw his mobile into a pit. Never can find time for a vacation and I'm sure he will be able set aside some time for me then.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review: Bale Dongalu

It was a hectic week with no rest and no proper sleep. So when it was end of the day (Friday), I was fanatically looking forward to catch up with sleep and clean up the house. Krishna was working from home on that day and he was waiting for me to take me out to the movie.

I didn’t want to disappoint him. He knew that I wasn’t interested but he couldn’t resist watching the movie. So I had no choice but to go along with him for a 9.15 show at a nearby theater.

Right from the start of the movie, the frames appeared to have poor technical quality.
There was no classiness in the direction or editing, except for a few good dialogues. It was a ‘inspired’ story taken from ‘bunty aur babli’. The story starts with a confident good-looking beauty jyothi (Ileana) who wants to be ‘Miss India’ and is against her grandmother’s wishes to get married. She runs away from her house to go to Vizag and apply for the contest. On the other side it’s Rahul (Tarun) who is son of middle-class parents, who insist him to join in a small time job, which he dislikes. He too comes out of the home without telling his parents and meets Ileana in a train. Both of them get duped by several people on their journey and both decide become thieves and steal wealthy people.

They earn lots of money and at the same time help poor and needy people with an identity ‘Romeo-Juliet’ (RJ). Inspector Yungender (Jagapathi Babu) is assigned the job to track these two people. Meanwhile RJ dupe mafia king pin (Pradeep rawat) and he is after them . How they escape and change for good is the rest of the story.

Ileans seems to have agreed to act opposite Tarun only for money she was offered, She plays her role to perfection but her costumes and make-up were not up to the mark. Tarun had done these kind of roles before so it was very easy for him to enact this role. Jagapathi babu was given a pivotal role and he sometimes overacts, but overall justifies his presence. Charmi is seen in a special item song, which falls falt.

Music is average and is a passé. I was waiting for the movie to get over as there is nothing much exciting to offer. Overall, movie is a bore in the second half and is a disappointment. Probably will run in B and C centers and people will forget this movie.

Verdict: Average.

PS: Krishna loved this movie and wants to watch it again (phewwww). I don’t mind unless he asks me to come along with him. Huh

Friday, April 04, 2008…Jalsa…Jalsa

“I booked tickets online for Jalsa. Tomorrow 5.15 show IMAX screen. Be ready baby”- this was the call I got from my husband on Wednesday morning (April 2). I was excited but at the same time was not able to digest the fact that my husband hasn’t had to try hard for the tickets and he was able to book the tickets quite easily. He is a Ileana fan and obviously you might be knowing by now I’m Pawan Kalyan fan. I watched Johnny the very first day and it bombed, so somehow I was not comfortable with the idea of going to the movie on second day as I wanted this to be a very big hit.

I had some personal work too on the day we were to see the movie (thank god I work in a office where leaves are not a big problem), so I took a full day off. At 4.45PM my hubby picked me up from home and we went to the theater in time (We usually are late huh ). And then he broke the news that we will be seating on ‘A’ row which is literally sitting near the foot of the screen. I hated the first 45mins show cos of the view. Later we were lucky enough to find seats near balcony area.

Movie starts with Mahesh babu’s voice ( cho chweeeeeet of him to lend his voice for another star). Movie’s start was very good. Pawan steals the show from the start to finish. His comic timing is wonderful. I liked the scenes between Pawan Kalyan and prakash Raj. Ileana is used just like any other side character and doesn’t have any substantial role. Though, she looks very cute and fresh in the film. Parvathi Melton cannot act and is there in the movie for a item-song(I still couldn’t figure out if it’s a deram of Ileana or for real Pawan goes to the disco along with Parvathi). Lot was expected about the comedy track between Brahmanandam and Pawan which actually failed to evoke any laughter. But Sunil makes you laugh with his comedy. Pawan’s character through out film (mostly) is of happy-go-lucky types, so he took care of comedy part in the film so no regrets.
The pace of the film checks our patience and the point of story is lost somewhere after the interval and towards the climax.

One can see that this movie has two directors –officially Trivikram and ghost directed by Pawan. Same kind of localities and backgrounds of the movie ‘Athadu’ has been used. Pawan enacted almost the way he did in khushi. But special mention about the music of the film- it’s simply great. Devi has rendered a good music after long time. (though picturization and choreography is a big disappointment). Overall I felt its worth watching for Pawan. Hope it strucks a chord with the masses too.

(My hubby was disappointed with the role given to Ileana, though I was more than happy that she deserves it…he he he he he he he. And dear hubby I don’t wanna watch ‘Kantri’ pleaaaaaaaaaaaase spare me from the headache)