Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chiru in politics

I’m one among many mega fans who want megastar to join politics. When the rumor mills began grinding the bitterness and happiness about Chiru joining the politics, I was little hesitant on his decision. What makes me puzzled over the matter is Chiru’s silence. It clearly shows he is very much interested to take an active part in AP’s politics. Right now he is watching the developments to see if people are really fascinated or not. For any celebrity like chiru the name and fame play a vital role. Dirty politics is not his ground and he should also understand a political party is not a one man army. Even if he wishes to do good work, the people around may not help him to do so. He should also come out of the closet and seek help of his dies-hard fans to build a good party.

All the very best Chiru.
Any decision you take will impact your fans, please take a solid step.

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