Friday, April 04, 2008…Jalsa…Jalsa

“I booked tickets online for Jalsa. Tomorrow 5.15 show IMAX screen. Be ready baby”- this was the call I got from my husband on Wednesday morning (April 2). I was excited but at the same time was not able to digest the fact that my husband hasn’t had to try hard for the tickets and he was able to book the tickets quite easily. He is a Ileana fan and obviously you might be knowing by now I’m Pawan Kalyan fan. I watched Johnny the very first day and it bombed, so somehow I was not comfortable with the idea of going to the movie on second day as I wanted this to be a very big hit.

I had some personal work too on the day we were to see the movie (thank god I work in a office where leaves are not a big problem), so I took a full day off. At 4.45PM my hubby picked me up from home and we went to the theater in time (We usually are late huh ). And then he broke the news that we will be seating on ‘A’ row which is literally sitting near the foot of the screen. I hated the first 45mins show cos of the view. Later we were lucky enough to find seats near balcony area.

Movie starts with Mahesh babu’s voice ( cho chweeeeeet of him to lend his voice for another star). Movie’s start was very good. Pawan steals the show from the start to finish. His comic timing is wonderful. I liked the scenes between Pawan Kalyan and prakash Raj. Ileana is used just like any other side character and doesn’t have any substantial role. Though, she looks very cute and fresh in the film. Parvathi Melton cannot act and is there in the movie for a item-song(I still couldn’t figure out if it’s a deram of Ileana or for real Pawan goes to the disco along with Parvathi). Lot was expected about the comedy track between Brahmanandam and Pawan which actually failed to evoke any laughter. But Sunil makes you laugh with his comedy. Pawan’s character through out film (mostly) is of happy-go-lucky types, so he took care of comedy part in the film so no regrets.
The pace of the film checks our patience and the point of story is lost somewhere after the interval and towards the climax.

One can see that this movie has two directors –officially Trivikram and ghost directed by Pawan. Same kind of localities and backgrounds of the movie ‘Athadu’ has been used. Pawan enacted almost the way he did in khushi. But special mention about the music of the film- it’s simply great. Devi has rendered a good music after long time. (though picturization and choreography is a big disappointment). Overall I felt its worth watching for Pawan. Hope it strucks a chord with the masses too.

(My hubby was disappointed with the role given to Ileana, though I was more than happy that she deserves it…he he he he he he he. And dear hubby I don’t wanna watch ‘Kantri’ pleaaaaaaaaaaaase spare me from the headache)

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