Friday, January 23, 2009


Ishq ke charche bahut hain,
Husn ke parche bahut hain,
Hum ne bhi dekh liya ishq karke,
Par kambakht ishq me kharche bahut hai!!

So I got this shayeri from Airtel updates. I loved it. So what is it all about us long for in life?

Everyone wants to experience ‘love’ (I’m only talking about boy-girl love here). They need that eternal experience. And when someone really feels it they know it also comes with some sweet pain and few of them are happy about the pain and a few suffer the pain.

I have a few friends who fell in love, got married to their sweethearts and enjoying fruitful life. And few crib that they choose a wrong guy/girl as partner and wish they were never married. Few people whom I got to know socially (groups, online forums) have openly said they don’t want love or marriage in their life. And mostly these are people who have to deny desire for love as they cannot attain. This means they too long for it but wouldn’t admit it.

I have a friend who is stressed out as the girl he is in love with (She too likes him) is unable to take a stand for him as she is too scared to talk about it to her parents. And it is understandable as she might have got such circumstances at her place which might not allow her to go against her parents. Both of them want to be with each other and get married. And it is highly impossible.

It is easy for outsiders like us to give advices and suggestions but ultimately it is them to decide what matters most. And it is painful for both to part ways, but the only good thing is they always will have respect for each other in their life and would have no bitterness about the relationship in future.

My close friend is getting married soon. It is a kind of arranged match by parents. I can see that she is already attached to the guy within weeks of meeting him. I’m sure she might be asking her self - Is this love?

And yes it is, though she might not openly admit. Love and marriage are two different things. But if you are marrying your love or loving the person after your marriage is one and the same and it is a rewarding experience.

So, all I can suggest is go for it rather than passing sour statements on love and marriage. Remember rose has thorns. And do let me know about the experience. I’m waiting ☺



  1. :) .. well i still think your freinds(who have decided to part their ways..unfortunately)..can stay together... why don't the boy goes and talks to the girl's parents.. (mind u not an advice or suggestion..)(may be i dont kno the situation completely)...
    :) .. its always lovely to hear something on - "love" from girls...always...
    and indeed it was.. :)

  2. souji... thats quite an impressive post... i certainly agree with what u have said abt love.. u dont understand it until u feel it..

    and i also know whom u were referring too ;) they certainly have lots of respect with each other to have such a trust...