Thursday, January 29, 2009


We come across so many people in our life everyday. We meet people in offices, online, sometimes in unusual ways.

We never assume a person to be bad or harmful in the first meet. Supposedly, if the person is one whom you got to meet with a reference we just blindly believe him/her and make a first impression.

Somehow, I never make first impressions and I recommend people too, to change the habit of it, especially online. A girl/guy whom you met on internet may be sweet, cute and talks like an angel. Don’t be judgmental right away. Take some time and unless someone in your peer group know him/her by face never trust them for what they say they are.

I had lot of fun yesterday playing a prank in an online forum group. Of course another friend of mine helped me to cook up a story that I’m not the girl he assumed and I am quite old and lured him to meet me in person and looted his money. We wanted to keep the name a secret for sometime.

The reaction was quite funny. People who were so sure of the girl they know for years couldn’t have been a fake. They were suddenly shaken. They didn’t want to believe but somewhere in their mind they are scared. They advised my friend to give a complaint in police and were thanking my friend for coming out with the ‘real’ story.

It was humorous but people can learn a lesson or two from this. Take some time to place trust. By the way don’t give your phone numbers and you important information right away to a stranger.

Trust’ is not just a word. Make sure you are using it on a right person so that you will not fall into any kind of problems.

P.S: I met a guy online few years ago and I got married to him and have no regrets for the decision.☺☺☺

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  1. Frankly, as ar as online dating is concerned, I have read quite a few articles where people were lured by absolute creeps. I suppose its a matter of luck and good fortune if the the person u meet is a decent one.