Monday, July 13, 2009


Past few weeks have been very tiring(Months, if I may say so) with my work targets etc. I’ve been thinking of taking vacation to travel which looks like a distant dream considering my work schedules and savings. Last week decided to take a vacation leave on Friday.

I was at my parents place. Siri wanted to watch a movie. So the only interesting movie in theaters right now is ‘Oy!’. Krishna joined us.

Siddharth’s character in the movie is of a rich-spoilt brat who believes in short-term pleasures. Predictably he falls in love with Shamili, who leads a planned life and is a loner. It is love at first sight and he tries to woo her in all possible ways, which works but there is a twist in the love story.


The role for Siddu is tailor-made and he is flawless. It seemed like he has become a pro playing lover-boy roles. Shamili suited the role of an ordinary girl. I actually tried finding any resemblances of her childhood, none in vain. She is changed a lot. Her performance is just okay. Story is dragging in the second half.

Comedy tracks are not really great except for the Pradeep Rawat and Sunil episode. Music by Yuvan is superb. His music is excellent and all the songs are soothing to ears. I personally liked “Oy-Oy!”, “Seheri” and “Saradaga”. Pictuarization is not exceptional but is pleasant to eyes.

The first half of this year, most of the Telugu movies disappointed me. Billa, nachavule, Konchem istam konchem kastam, Evariana eppudaina were just average. Only block buster I thought and enjoyed thoroughly was “Kick” (including Songs). I hope the rest half of the year has something good in store for Telugu cine-goers.