Monday, July 06, 2009

Technology is a ...

I don’t miss my parents...thanks to mobile phones and video conferencing. I don’t miss any important updates of my friends’ life...thanks to their blogs and to their profiles on social networking sites. I don’t miss any movies that I didn’t get tickets...thanks to torrents. I don’t miss any news updates...thanks to News feeds. I don’t miss any TV serials...thanks to YouTube: P.

Of course all my friends know what I’m up to every minute through my tweets’.

I read an article on BBC a few days back in which a boy is asked to use the first Sony Walk-Man set. He was embarrassed to take to his school as it was a large box with various buttons on it. I’m sure back in 60-70’s people might have been curious about evolving technology, though it was available only to rich people, these days we rather ask for the affordable technology to be made available to make our life too easy for us.

My grandmother thinks of Internet as Google. My dad thinks Google has answers for everything (Oh yea it’s true though). I remember, about three years back, when I first introduced my mom to chatting on yahoo to talk to my sister, she was pretty excited. My nephew who is in sixth grade now scraps me on Orkut asking me to login to my G-talk to talk to him to suggest new game portals. My friend’s parents look for suitable alliances for their children online through matrimonial sites.

One of my friends decided to purchase home and she scans all possible deals online through discussion forums and tries to squeeze maximum discounts from various vendors for her new home.

So what if for one day technology vanishes? If network fails...Satellite TV stops...Internet crashes...Unimaginable right? Technology is boon for people like me, though it looks like I’m too much addicted and depended on it but is it possible to backtrack?

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