Friday, January 22, 2010


Oct’2004 :

I met Krishna for the first time after initial one and half years of chat conversations.It was a dud meeting and we were quite happy that it didn’t create any ‘story’ between us. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t meet this guy again after the first meeting.He is probably the second stranger guy in my yahoo chat list (First being Chakri – who is like a mentor to me) and that’s the end of the list!

All that we talked on chat was about our studies and careers in that complete one year before the face-face meeting. Both of us have similar family backgrounds and grounded roots.

Our second meeting definitely was the start of a new relationship between us.You will know why.

I was getting ready to go to Sultan bazaar to collect my dress from the tailor. I got a call from Krishna.

“My friend said she would meet me today and is not meeting me for lunch. I don’t want to go back to office. Can I meet you at koti itself for 5-10mins?” (Oh yea! He had so many girl ‘friends’ and he said I was just another friend)
I didn’t want to meet him.
“Is there anything important that we have to meet and talk? Why can’t we talk over the phone?”
“I’m not gonna kidnap you. Just casually wanna meet you and say hi. Also its exactly one week that we first met and we can celebrate the meeting”

Lame excuse. But I thought it shouldn’t be a problem as it is 5 minutes meeting.
I collected my clothes from the tailor, asked Krishna to meet me at Gokul chat. I called my mom and said I am meeting this guy (I was this obedient child you see). By the time I reached there he was already waiting for me. Somehow I felt he was not the same guy whom I met just last week. He was eagerly waiting for me. We had chat at Gokul and I was about to take leave.

He offered to drop me on his kinetic honda till bus stop which of course I rejected. He literally forced me to sit on his bike and I didn’t want to create scene in public so hesitantly I was his pillion rider. He took me to ‘Ohris’ ice cream parlour without listening to me. He ordered ‘sundae’. He was just glaring at me and I pretty much know by now that something is wrong with this guy. I was so very uncomfortable that day. I just wanted to run away. I hurriedly finished the ice cream and left.

Things have changed a lot after that meeting. I avoided him and his calls after that for some time. It was not just friendship anymore. The ‘love’ season serial continued for 3 years and we are finally married!


So why the hell did I go into flashback??

Today Krishna took me to Ohris again for ice cream. We sat at the same place. We ordered two slices of ice cream. I asked him to replicate our past. He asked me to close my eyes. I gladly closed my eyes for 3-4 secs and when I open my eyes I see that he was happily eating ice cream and is not even bothered to look at me!! Wah so romantic!

Huh. Husbands!!!


  1. lolz.. Souji.. guys do think abt the past.. but they dont express it.. :) u can be sure that he still loves u the same way how he did before.. but his expression might not be the same :)

    and i still dont get the reason y u were running away from him and then how did it all come together? was it u or him who pressed the accelerator further :P

  2. HAhahaha! A friend of mine recommended that I read this. I need to thank him for this opportunity, but first thiings first - I love the way your write!!

    I too am a dreamy-eyed wife in a similar situation. But I also know that men show their love and affection in a very practical manner after marriage but women are still the dreamy ones. good luck to you and Krishna!


  3. సౌజి,,

    అబ్బాయిలంతే. పెళ్లి ఐపోయిందిగా. ఇప్పుడు నువ్వు తనదానివి. అందుకే అంత నిర్లక్ష్యం. నువ్వు కూడా మారాలమ్మడు. అచ్చమైన తెలుగింటి పెళ్లాంలా సాధించాలి తప్పదు. లేకుంటే ఈసారి ఐస్ క్రీమ్ తనొక్కడే వెళ్లి తినేసి ఇంటికి వచ్చాక నేను తినేసా అని కూడా చెప్తాడు కృష్ణ.. అయ్యో అంటే నువ్వే నష్టపోయేది.

    మేలుకో భారతనారి..మేలుకో. శ్రీశ్రీని గుర్తు తెచ్చకో బాధ కాకుండా ఆవేశం వస్తుంది.:)

  4. @Aloy: I have no doubt on his love - it is just the change which stuns me!

    @Anu: Hey Anu thanks for the comments. I'm just playing wife - nagging Krishna is my fav time pass :D

  5. @Jo: Tappakunda meelanti valla manta vinali. Thank you nannu melkolpinanduku.

  6. Soujanya garu..da way u expressed u r lov story is awesome.Hw itz get started..,hw u guyz met..?
    Accidentally,if ny of da story writers luk over dis topic..may be ,they may build a movie on dis
    Nyway thnkz fr expressin u r cute lovestory....

  7. Hii soujanya...I'm really quite impressed on hw da way u expressed u r cute lov story..
    I can say dat ,if accidentally ny one of da story writers hv a glance on dis topic,I hope he may start buildin a movie based on dis
    Edhi emina..Ilanti madhraramina,ahlodakaramina blogs rasthu..maku share chestunnanduku..hatz off!

  8. Hi Vajra,

    Thanks for the comment. My husband always wonders why doesn't film directors take up the issues after 'the end' of a love story - means what happens to these couples after their successful 'Marriage'.

    Maa lanti valla stories boldu vachayi so antha scene ledikkada