Friday, March 05, 2010

Ye Maya Chesave...Songs

Ofcourse, I’m gonna talk about the new addiction – songs of Ye maaya chesave.

After a long time, I like the whole album of a movie. When the music of the film was released in Jan, only one song caught my attention i.e., ‘Hosonna’. Just like any other ARR musicals, you will start loving the songs after watching the movie. Music will grow on to you later.

When the album got released I read this review, where the reviewer felt ARR disappoints!

I now feel we shouldn’t depend on most of the online reviews, especially if they cannot write anything good about some proven stars like ‘ARR’ and ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ its better to ignore them.

I went to the movie on its third day of release. I had no expectations from the movie.
I enjoyed first half of it and felt the second half is dragged a little. It’s a story about how a men and women behave when the decision to marry against the wishes of parents. Girls are usually confused and don’t dare to say yes for a love marriage as theythink about their parents first and about the boy later. And a boy is determined to get a commitment from the girl.

But at the same time we cannot compare this movie with classics like Geetanjali or Devdas. Its completely different and is mostly related to this generation of Love stories. I felt it is a honest and realistic approach of movie making which is why the movie works. Gautham Menon proves his mettle and this movie establishes him to be listed in the elite Indian class directors. Oh I’m not the only one who is saying this – but K.Balachandar is saying so - check link here

I felt Naga Chaitanya fits the role and looks honest (acting wise) in his second movie. He is likable. Samantha deserves applause for giving best shot in her first movie. She is lovable.

Songs just stay back in your mind as it is happening to me. ‘Hosanna’ is good but ‘Manasa’ and ‘Vintunnava’ are my personal favorites. Shreya Goshal's Voice is very soothing in vintunnava song

I think you should give this movie one shot and watch it in a theater than wait till the TC torrent or DVD, ofcourse for the songs!