Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Both me n my friend came out of the interview, She asked where shall we go now,since it was Sunday most of the shops were closed ,she suggested Shoppers stop which is nearby ,took an auto and went there ,did window shopping ,later we even met up with two more friends had chit-chat .it was real fun meeting the old friends .Mama called up and said its getting late better go to my aunts house and stay there for tonight ,It was around 5.00 pm .
It was good idea. I said bye to all my friends and went off to my aunts (my moms younger sister) place. Even my grandma stays with my aunts’ family.

My aunt has two kids, one daughter who has joined her engineering just this yr, and a son who is in III std. When I entered their house my kid bro was lying on sofa, grandma said he is suffering with sever cold and fever, he is the youngest of all cousins and everyone in our family pamper him. When he realized I came he came to me running and said “do you know we bought a computer and we have internet too “. I said I dint know (ofcourse just a day before granny told us abt it), his next question was if I knew anything about the computers .I said I donno much about it and asked if he is interested in sharing his knowledge, he took me to the room where the computer was ,already my cousin was on it, she was trying hard to type in the four chat yahoo messenger windows that were open .
I could see that she is no-vice in chatting, and could imagine how she would be after few weeks on yahoo .I m sure she wld expertise in typing. My kid bro asked her sister to get off from the chair so he cld teach me few things, she was not interested, I tried to convince my bro saying we could do it later but he was adamant, sis got off from the chair and now he started showing me how to turn the machine on, how can one change the desktop wall papers, how can we log in to net ,I was shocked and surprised, and with his way of teaching and handling of the keyboard /mouse skills. I said the same to my aunt
She said he knows MS-Word, aligning the things and inserting the pictures into blank doc. Probably at his age I didn’t even knew,if computer existed .And then it was the turn of my Aunt, she wanted to know how to add friends into yahoo lists and asked me about Orkutting ,I explained her about it , she listened to me carefully ,I showed her how open it is,and we accidentally had seen our cousins scraps, she was bit shocked with which one can be so open on the network and she agreed to the fact that young kids can fall into traps of cheaters and stalkers . So she asked if one can keep an eye or tab on it, I told her about parental control options that exist and other few things. Later it was the turn of my uncle whose knowledge is ok with Internet and computer stuff. But he wanted to know about the music websites and playing Disks and burning them. I have shown him how to do all those things.

My granny entered the room, she is one more reason for buying the computer, many of my cousins are now in far off places including my own sister who is in north India ,when she came to our house once I made her talk to my cousin who is in US using head phones and she could even see them through web cam. So she started asking few doubts and wanted to talk to my other aunt through system .i told her unless they are online we cant speak to them, I clicked few photos with the web cam and everyone willingly gave poses .It was real fun

One thing that stuns me is the way the electronic devices have changed our lifestyles and lives. From a kid to older people, every one has no qualms in learning them .My grandma cant travel extensively any more she misses everyone, but now on a click of a button, she can talk to her daughters, or her grand children any time.I have seen her even handling the micro Owens ,the remote controls , mobiles .It is not out of interest that she wants to learn computers or other hi-fi gadgets ,but because she has no choice whatsoever , no body has time for her , even if they want they cant travel or since most of the cousins are either out of state or country , the only way she can be in touch would be using the phones or computers. But she is happy that now she can talk n see all her children and grandchildren. Yesterday night I spoke to her from my place and she looked really happy to be in touch this way. And of course even her children (my mom esp), too were happy.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.

To err is human--and to blame it on a computer is even more so.

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