Friday, September 15, 2006

One more day started ,Since i sleep late i wake up late.its almost 10. 00 now.As usual opened my eyes looked at GOD ,prayed him to make my day little better than yest .Second thing that i do is switch on my cell .Gaaaaaaaaawd Mom called since it was little late that i responded she called landline and asked my Dad if i m awake ,Dad came to my room and said get ready and have your breakfast and left.

Came to living room ,next thing i wld do is switch on my TV .I forgot, its been almost 20 mins I had paste on my brush ,Maid has come to check if im awake to continue her left over work ,she asked "amma brush ur teeth and eat something otherwise urdad n mom will scold u ".hmmm .Point noted madame. she finished her work n i mine .

Turned my system checked if my sis was online ,Yep she is ,Good .Started talking to her ,now power cut ,called her and said abt the fight Me n mom had last night. Mama was little upset with both sisters being online and chatting with people , even if i wld say mama we rnt doing anything"over" or Odd she wldnt agree,Abh kya karenge ,kar bhi kya sakthe hai ?? huh .I wanted to shout sooooooooo hard ,We are not teenagers any more nor kiddidsh.I did tell her many times that all friends are really good,and im very choosy .They help us out with my job trials and also to become better person.Na shes in no mood to listen i had to shut my mouth ,so no talks ,no communication since yest ,she tried to talk but i was deeply hurt and i didnt reciprocate .

Recently Mama n i went to a movie "bommarillu" which was all about a Son and his over protective dad . The movie's story so close to me n mom,She loved the movie,thought she wld be a changed person .Na if parents could make things so easy for us ,No way.I got a call ,she wld ask who was that,I sit on the system she wld ask me with whom r u chatting ,I play games she thinks im doing wrong and wld advice me to learn cooking instead.She wld question me If im planning to get married to any one of those guys who i chat with .MAMA if it is, You would be the first one to know ,She thinks a girl spending her time online is very wrong,she wld nt say that Often but only when she cant hold those questions anymore in her mind she bursts out very angrily,Papa tries to rescue but in vain.Ofcourse i feel as if im letting her know everything that i do ,everyone who is my friend and what am gonna do next.

Now on i wld do things i want to do ,i wld do it more freely .I decided .

Oh no got a call from Mom ,I know she wld ask if I had finished my lunch or not ,I should run now and eat fast
I know i cannot change mama nor my self ,Cos I cant hurt her and I love her
I will do what you want mama ,Yes probably you are the best who knows what is better for me
Will listen to you,but when will I start do things I wanted to ????

I was little apprehensive before publshing blog,but with my sisters green signal going ahead.Love u sis


  1. Hey souju,

    good one...really good...i loved d way u described ur routine n ya, more or less, everyone has got the same kinda probs at their homes with our parents...newayz, waiting for more good blogs frm u..

  2. Hey Sou

    Really very heart rendering and touchy blog.....I am sure every one faces this situation in their lives..........Nice narration.