Tuesday, August 26, 2008

“Krishna is king” (of movie freaks)

“Why are you not answering your phone?” Usha (my colleague) asked me on phone extension line. Oh! I realized I kept the cell phone in my jerkin pocket and forgot about it in the noon. Krishna called her and asked the reason of me not answering the phone. Usha was little worried with the anxious voice of Krishna, I told her not to worry as I was sure he calls me anxiously for only one reason in his life.

This time I lifted the phone. He said he is at Prasadz theater and want to know my choice of movie among Bachana ae haseeno, Phoonk and Singh is Kinng. I had no choice of saying ‘NO’. I opted for singh is kinng.

It’s been more than 2 months that we went to watch a movie. We were too busy in the first week of August with cousins weddings. We planned many things on the anniversary day (18th of August), but unfortunately both of us were down with viral fever and our outing was restricted to hospitals on that day. One should look at Krishna’s face last week, he was like a King with vengeance. he he he he he. He pledged he will watch minimum 3-4 movies this week. Wonder what is gonna happen to his work and his clients’ work.

I went home from office and he was waiting eagerly for me to take to the movie hall. His close friend too had come to watch the movie along with us. As I was very hungry, he got me sugar cane juice which sucked and I gave it back to him to drink. Movie was just ok. We had good time though. Later we ate our dinner ‘not-so-good’ hotel (Krishna ditched me, he said he will take me to my fav restaurant “Chutneys” before movie). Came back and slept and routine starts.

I will ask him to come home early today and cook dinner for me for a change (I know I’m day dreaming). Huh. He pings me now and asks if I can come to the movie ‘Phoonk’.
I hate to watch horror movies and he knows that. I told him to go along with his friend and not to even think of asking me again. Ufffffff. I have to go home and cook. What a pity Soujjjj.

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