Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gunde Jallumandi

“I have lots of office work and need to collect the material for my presentation, please I can’t come to the movie today. Sorry”. I knew Krishna would have been little disappointed after my reply for the movie proposal. He sighed and said “okay. I will go and just check what movies are playing in prasadz while coming from office” I didn’t find it harmful and said fine. I was in the cab and I get a call again from him giving me the list of movies. It was tempting and I had to give up as usual (I cannot blame him every time and pose that I’ m not the one who is interested in watching movies). We had to choose between “Wednesday” and a telugu movie “Gunde Jallumandi”. I opted for the latter as I already watched few parts of Wednesday online (Its awesome movie and I’m planning to watch it in a theater soon).

Gayatri(my friend) called me in the morning and while talking she told me that she has watched this movie and it was time pass. So I went without much of expectations. The first scene was on the heroine Neelu (Aditi Sharma). She fears that she might fall in love in life anytime and feels that will ruin her studies and parents expectations as it happened to her elder sister. So to be on a safer side and to avoid boys from her college to fall for her she creates a character named Rajesh as her boyfriend and propagates it in the college.

Accidentally she meets our hero Balraju (Uday Kiran) who saves her from goons. But she doesn’t get a chance to see his face except for a tattoo at his back. Balraju and his villagers decide he has to finish his degree in order to qualify becoming ‘Sarpanch’ of the village. So he is sent to study BA in Hyderabad in the same college as Neelu. She helps him in the college and expectedly both of them develop feelings for each other. But no one is willing to give up and after series of comic incidents they unite.

The director (Madan) starts the story in a very interesting way but couldn’t quite capitalize on a good concept and it fails miserably in the second half. Uday kiran can expect to come back in to the foothold of industry with this film. He did his role effectively, but the surprise package was the heroine Aditi Sharma. She performed the role with ease and never does it occur to you that she is not from south. She can become “the next big thing” here in tollywood. Music by Keeravani too is soothing though choreography of few songs is major let off. Comic track is well handled though there are few unnecessary characters in the film.

Verdict: Go and watch it for time pass.


  1. hmm, I'll have to wait for 3 more weeks to get its pirated CD here :(

  2. You can watch it online, download from net. I' m sure it must have been uploaded already

  3. i tried, but its not there on the net :(