Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What A Day!

I was at home by 6.30PM yesterday. Finished cooking by 7.30 as I knew Krishna hadn’t had lunch as he was too busy in framing and filing income tax returns of his clients. He came at around 9.00PM. And said he wants me to take out for a surprise dinner. I wasn’t quite happy but had to finally agree as he was too excited to listen to me. We went to Ohri’s Gufaa for the dinner.

As all the tables were full, we had to wait for sometime and finally settled for a table right next to 6 guys who were smoking and boozing. I was hardly able to breathe. But it was a quite good dinner. We had a good ride on bike from hotel to home. By then it was 11.30 PM. My sister and parents have called me and wished in advance. Krishna has wished me and I was fast asleep.

And in the morning today I wasn’t able to get up at all. Thanks to Krishna he woke before me and took care of house-hold chores a little bit. (I wish I can celebrate a birthday every now and then in a year. Phewww!).

Somehow managed to get up and turned Krishna’s cell on and was flooded with b’day messages for me. It was good to see all those messages.

Got ready and called my parents, who sang birthday song for the first time after I grew up. I was little embarrassed but it was good. Came to office and all my dear friends including Usha, have wished me. Relatives have called me and wished me, but thank god that my current team has mismarked my birthday as July 26th instead of 29th so no one has any idea. And the first mail I could see was from my office which sent the birthday coupon for a special massage in Latitudes Spa (I am so glad I work here). Of course HM members too have flooded my inbox with wishes. Thanks to Adi, Jyothi ( I missed her call), Aloy, Kripa, Amby, Mohammed, Andy, Mannu and others. Thank you all for making my day special.

It was time for the lunch and all my batch mates have already calendared me at 12.00 to have lunch together. When I went to the cafeteria, I was pleasantly surprised to see yummy pastries brought by Sree and others. I had good lunch. So half-a-day is over and I love it. Let me see what is in store for the next half day.


  1. hahahhaahah all day cant be bday souji... caz bday makes u one yr older.... dont forget that ... heheheheh

    so sweet of your family to wish u by singing... :)

    once again let me wish you a wonderful bday... have a rocking time with full of good surprises :)

  2. Agreed aloy, a person is older by one year on birthday. But thats how we grow and the concept these days is "age gracefully and beautifully".

    Thanks a lot for your wishes.

  3. hey baga enjoy chesavannamata ...

  4. so, what happened in the second half of the day????