Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Google Android Cell Launch

Google Demo video:

CNET Video on Android Phone

Most likely this phone may not be available until next year in the Indian market. For the differences between Apple iPhone and G1 refer this link of cnet

Also refer this NYtimes blog
"But here’s the thing: Android, and the G1, are open. Open, open, open, in ways that would make Steve Jobs cringe. You can unlock this phone after 90 days—that is, use any SIM card from any carrier in it. The operating system is free and open-source, meaning that any company can make changes without consulting or paying Google. The App store is completely open, too; T-Mobile and Google say they won’t censor programs that they don’t approve of, as Apple does with the iPhone store. Yes, even if someone writes a Skype-like program that lets people avoid using up T-Mobile cellular voice minutes.
Android is not as beautiful or engaging as the iPhone’s software, but it’s infinitely superior to Windows Mobile—and it’s open. The G1 is only the first phone to use it, the first of many; it’s going to be an exciting ride."

Which means Android and G1 are open, apparently, you can unlock this phone after 90 days and use any SIM card from any carrier in it!

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