Monday, September 22, 2008

New Mobile Phone

Last week Friday my team members went to offsite. I skipped it this time as the offsite place is too far from the city. I asked Krishna to pick me from office by 4.30PM. Since he hadn’t had lunch til then, I offered him to visit his fav place ‘Pizza Hut’. He was more than happy to eat there. After finishing his pizzas he tossed an idea to go on window shopping at reliance digital store. I really wanted to go home and take a small nap. He wanted to drop his office stuff and lappy at home. He knows once I’ am home bound it is very hard again to venture out. So he said I need to stand outside and not to get in. (how dumb!)

After he parked his vehicle I ran into the house with the duplicate key. He was little disappointed but I was least bothered and went to relax. He then started his office work and disturbed my sleep with nonsense calls of his. I had no other option but to wake up. And then I asked him “Shall we go to Reliance Digital store now?” He was happy but was little hesitant. He said he might be tempted and wanted me to scrap the idea. But he didn’t know that I was planning to buy him the mobile he is longing to buy for sometime now.

By the way Krishna is a mobile freak and until last year he would buy one new piece in a quarter. After advices from his friends and me he stopped buying, though keenly followed all the mobile news. Also, he uses his mobile extensively for his office work. He checks mails and sends mails, but the problem is his phone is N73 and isn’t a smart phone (business phone). I remember once when we went to an electronic store long back, he was eagerly looking at a new sony ericsson model and I literally dragged him out of the shop. He was so very disappointed with me on that day. He said he was just looking at them and wasn’t going to buy. It was embarrassment to me and was sorry for what I did.

We went to the store and directly stopped at HTC mobile section. We have already decided not to go for any other model. Reliance digital is a cool place for electronics, the reason being the demo always is on ‘live’ models.

Sales man and a technician patiently showed us various HTC models including the latest HTC touch diamond (which I liked). And then we were shown HTC pro 4350, which has a keyboard that easily slides out. Since Krishna has to constantly send emails and have to surf the mobile we both thought it is better to have keypad with the touch phone features and it wasn't that bulky too.

Reliance was also giving free blutooth headphones as complimentary gift along with a leather pouch. I suggested him to go for a 2 GB card for now as it comes with only 256MB. Krishna didn’t want to buy it. I had to push him and said this is anniversary gift from my side. This probably is the first time I’m buying something which interests him. Clothes, Cd’s and books don’t count as gifts. He hesitated but I didn’t give up and finally we bought it.

Krishna went mad that night after coming home. After I slept he did all the research, configured his phone and when I woke up at 12.45 AM he seemed just waiting for me to wake up so that he could tell me more about the phone. I patiently listened to him and told him to sleep and continue his research on it next day. He thanked me ‘n’ times on that day and day after that.

He took me to my favorite restaurant,and to a movie ‘Homam’ next day.

I realized, just the way guys think, women spending money on accessories like jewelry, handbags and clothes is a waste and woman’s perception on putting money on electronic items and automobiles is not a investment is a misconception on both genders.

It’s the happiness that matters and spending money to buy one is not a wrong idea sometimes. So indulge in buying and giving gifts to people, if it pleases and interests them. The look on their faces in turn can make you happier.

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