Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Small Gestures…

Life is routine. Get up, go to office, come back, watch TV, go out for dinner or watch a movie and once in a while meet your parents come back and same routine awaits you.

So what spices up the life? Your husband praising a dish cooked by you, or your boss appreciating in your quarterly review or your dad agrees to the fact that his daughter can manage her own life and your mom accepts hesitatingly that ‘You are grown up”. See the title of my blog. FINALLY!!!

So coming to the idea of this post today, I need to get into little history. Krishna after marriage is a changed person to me. Before I got married to him he would call me every possible minute until I tell him to stop. Yea calls would stop but then messages would start pouring in asking if it is ok to call now. When I ask him to stop messaging, long emails would start. (Oh yea they are pretty long, may be 1000-2000 words, though I love to read them now)

Every other day he would ask if I can meet him up. He would ask if he can get just a minute of my time for him. But I was either too shy or skeptical to meet him at that time. Anyways, after whole lot of incidents and accidents we got married.

The role is reversed now. He hardly gets time to think about calling me. Mostly we are online and talk to each other on chat. He sends me those Robin Sharma’s verses or Chetan Bhagat’s stories online.

Suddenly today he shocked me by sending a beautiful song. Well, we were talking about a movie and he said he is sending one song from that movie, but when I actually played the song it was from a different movie, a romantic song and no need to say I was taken by surprise and of course loved his ‘unseen’ gesture after long time.

All that I want to say is a few timely gestures does good to your life and relationships. These moments are cherished and are memorable. So go and make people happy, surprise them with the things that may bring a smile on their face.


  1. before marriage the guy goes behind the girl... so after marriage it shuld be vice versa only.... hehehehe :P

    i hope i dont change after marriage... but god knows it all depends on the situation...

  2. Guys changing after marriage is usual behavior. Once the girl says yes and becomes his wife he takes her from granted. (personal experience)!!!

  3. Its not about changing. I understand that priorities are bound to change with time, but certain things in life need constant timely assurances from your near and dear.

  4. Awww!

    Such a cute post . Keep posting so that I don't become more anti- marriage :P

    Friends change, family change in general people change so I think "Husband Tribe too " . How I wish people realized ki change is inevitable but change for better not worse :P

    P.s: Hey Anon - Thanks for the tickets :)