Monday, November 03, 2008


Saturday morning:
“Wake up now. Remember you have to go and play today!”
“No. I’ am not going”
“I didn’t ask you whether you are going. You must go”
“Excuse me. Let me stay at home”

This is the conversation between me and Krishna. His office has booked cricket ground for employees to play and have fun. He first gave excuses that he had one important meeting to attend to all his colleagues and when he called his boss to let him know about the meeting his boss said “I already have complaints from your subordinates that you haven’t been attending offsite and Office get-together. You better be on cricket ground tomorrow”. Ha Ha Ha. I was more than happy to hear that.

I packed him off to the ground which is not even a km from my house. Whole house was mine. I had remote of the TV for myself. I cleaned up the house for a while had breakfast and by 10.30 I was off to sleep!

I woke up by 12.30 cos of my sister’s call. She asked me what was I doing and I told her I’m enjoying.I was to call my friend Gayatri too. We planned to go out in the evening, since Krishna said he will be late I thought I would call her n let her know I might not turn up and I completely forgot about it. I remembered only when she called me to know if I' m joining her.I had to to tell her not this week. Later Krishna’s colleague calls up and asked if I would join their party to watch movie. I couldn’t give excuse and had to tell him if Krishna wants to come I wouldn’t mind.

Krishna called up and said he is not interested and wants to be at home for sometime (surprise to hear that a movie buff like Krishna can say ‘No’ to movie. Shocking isn’t it?). He also told me he scored some runs for his team and took a wicket too. their team won it seems. okay. Good to know that this guy can play. When I told the news of his team winning the match to my sister, she was too very excited. I had to calm her down saying he hasn't won a international match and it is enough to just be happy.HUH!

He came back from ground and we had lunch. He slept for sometime and by evening we planned to go out. I wanted to eat ice-cream and we went to Ohri’s havmore. I had awful-awful (name of the icecrem) which was a delight. Later we went to Prasadz played few games there (childish rt?) and were back to home.

Now comes Sunday. We both enjoyed TV and lunch at home. We had dined at new restaurant sree kreesna at Banjara hills at night, which was little too much on pocket but worth a visit for Veggies. Now Krishna complains about body pains. Ah...ha. Obviously when you are a lazy boy and play cricket after years you are bound to say uh…ah…ouch o boy. Better start playing for sometime everyday, your body stays fit and you will not be complaining about the body pains anymore. (I know this applies for me too..psst).


  1. hehehhe what a wife u r .... sending u'r hubby out of the house and feeling happy abt it.... actually if u had joined him to the match naa he wuld have take 3 more wickets and wuld have made an 100 also... u wuld have been even more proud of him...

  2. If I go along with him, what will happen to the household work?
    In any case he wouldn't have helped me after coming back.

    I don't mind he not taking 3 wickets or scoring 100 runs who knows cos of my presence there it would have added more pressure on him :p

  3. nothing is gonna happen if u dont do the house hold work one day :P and anyway i doubt if u did any.. heheheh

    and actually... guys usually do better if the person they love is watching them... so for sure he wuld have done much much better if u had been thr :P

  4. childish rt??? Is this a question to ask??? You are a kid for ever. You'll never grow up :P