Friday, November 28, 2008

Terrorists…We Need Answers?

Thursday morning: Turned on my TV in the morning at 5.30 after I woke up to see the cricket update. I slept early before night so wanted to catch up with the cricket score.

So the first scene I get to see was a ‘mad man’ photo with a gun on screen and news tickers on Mumbai seizure. It was confusing for me to even understand what was going on. After 5 mins I realized that something really bad has happened.

While I was coming to office I realized that we are living in such an insecure world. It is the fear of losing not just ones life but our loved ones which is more depressing. My mind was blank for whole day. I didn’t want check the news papers or read the discussions which were on forums. I felt since 2001 9/11 world is at war - terrorism is the opponent.

So who are all these fanatics who create havoc? They are just like any other human being living on earth but their minds are polluted with religious extremism and hatred. I always wanted to ask these terrorists few questions-

Why do you kill innocent people and pass a statement “it is revenge” when these innocents doesn’t have anything to do with your lives directly or indirectly?

Do you people really know the value of life?

Don’t you have near and dear who love you and want you to lead peaceful life?

What is any violence to do with the religion?

I believe in God and you too. But why do you have to force people to believe in what you believe?

So you think other people are threat to you and it is in your defense you are on killing rampage. Why don’t you think that this might backfire anytime on you and your people sooner or later?

Each tragedy stuns the nation, our people. How long are we going to take this **** from you mad people? One day irrespective caste, creed or religion everyone who is tired of your antics will not take it anymore.

Help yourself and love life and see the difference. You are threat to self and your set of people. Stop it now for your god's sake.

Are you listening…? (You are not deaf am sure)

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  1. Hi,

    For these guys the messages of peace are not worthy now.

    don't we all just wish that these guys should have seen the brighter side of life.

    The messages of peace are no use now. don't ask for answers from the terrorists.

    Ask them from the politicians.

    Remember 9/11 and what followed next in Afghanistan?

    hope I am clear enough.