Thursday, April 16, 2009

India Votes...

What a fun it has been to cast my vote today. After debates, arguments and frustration on politics and our political leaders finally India started voting today. At least we, people of India get to be ‘Ek din ka sultan’. None of our politicians or leaders are going to give us this much of attention and respect until next elections.

I decided I would get up early in the morning and go to the polling booth. Krishna went to vote by 8.30 as he had to go to office (Thanks to AP Govt. timely initiative for declaring a holiday for MNC’s on polling day). I prayed god that at least this time our political leaders will change for good after being elected.

My dad dropped me till the polling booth, at around 10.00 A.M. I was amazed to see the turn out. People were in long queues. I saw my old friends in the queue. Old people were complaining about lack of facilities and severe heat. But I thought EC this time has done quite a commendable job with the arrangements. Pregnant ladies and old people were sent in without having them to wait in the queue, to cast their vote. Drinking water was arranged. Finally, it was my turn to exercise my right and of course, duty.

Polling agents and officers were very cool and helpful. I cast my vote and came out. It was a great feeling. Hopefully, next time we will have bio-metric cards for elections and the confusion of voters is lessened. When other developed nations use our IT professionals’ knowledge to build an effective electoral system for their elections why are we still lagging behind – only our next Indian Govt. who gets elected have answers for it.

Anyways, Happy voting India. ☺


  1. Hey good to hear that u have casted ur vote...As I was in Bengaluru, didn;t get leave & chance to vote :-(

  2. Thanks. ☺
    Leave is when you ask for a permission, but if you really wanted you could've cast your vote.

  3. Sowjanya....and you cast "your" vote?
    When I went few years ago.... my vote was casted but not by "me"

    well..thats my 2nd voting experience. my first was right after my 18th birthday and I have casted my Vote at Raghunatha Model High School Chaitanyapuri and made me feel elated :) and "grown up"

  4. I know where 'Raghunatha model school" is and I know a girl who studied there :P