Friday, April 25, 2008

Gimme a break

It’s a Friday. Every Monday I pray for a Friday. And of course it does come. I plan the whole week on what I must do and whom to meet on weekends.

I love Saturday’s most of all weekdays. I get up late from bed. Read newspapers leisurely. Laze around and be a couch potato til noon and get ready to go out on shopping. I was a shopping-freak and loved to go out until last year. This year I hardly had found time and a good company to go out on shopping. And the reason is…I’ am married. Marriage changes everything for a woman. I think it is not vice-versa though. Guy remains the same. I was a complete brat and assumed laziest person on this earth. Never did in my wildest dreams I imagined I can meet someone who is not just lazy but with whom I cannot even compete with. That of course, is my husband dearest.

When I do tell him this, he laughs and says “I warned you before marriage and you’ve not believed me. It’s not my mistake”. As simple as it is said, but doesn’t he know ‘change is the only constant thing in life’.

So here’s what I want my husband to do for me:

• Take me to the shopping or out once in a week (window-shopping will do)
(Movies and mobile stores are not counted)
• Please consider opening the main door in the mornings when the maid rings the bell at least twice in a week
• Two times a year, take me on a holiday trips outside this state.
• Cook for me a proper food that I can eat once in a while
• Help me in cleaning the house when I want
• Accompany me to my friends, relatives places and also please attend the functions with a smile rather than attending them feeling like a burden

I have many more to write but let me see progress on this, so that, I can add a few more things up there.


  1. huh!! all wives are same. they want too many things in life

  2. why dont you t6hink of some thing else !!

  3. don't u think that u r asking for much more ?

  4. It was less. This is not even 0.005% of what I actually want

  5. It was less. This is not even 0.005% of what I actually want