Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Review: Bale Dongalu

It was a hectic week with no rest and no proper sleep. So when it was end of the day (Friday), I was fanatically looking forward to catch up with sleep and clean up the house. Krishna was working from home on that day and he was waiting for me to take me out to the movie.

I didn’t want to disappoint him. He knew that I wasn’t interested but he couldn’t resist watching the movie. So I had no choice but to go along with him for a 9.15 show at a nearby theater.

Right from the start of the movie, the frames appeared to have poor technical quality.
There was no classiness in the direction or editing, except for a few good dialogues. It was a ‘inspired’ story taken from ‘bunty aur babli’. The story starts with a confident good-looking beauty jyothi (Ileana) who wants to be ‘Miss India’ and is against her grandmother’s wishes to get married. She runs away from her house to go to Vizag and apply for the contest. On the other side it’s Rahul (Tarun) who is son of middle-class parents, who insist him to join in a small time job, which he dislikes. He too comes out of the home without telling his parents and meets Ileana in a train. Both of them get duped by several people on their journey and both decide become thieves and steal wealthy people.

They earn lots of money and at the same time help poor and needy people with an identity ‘Romeo-Juliet’ (RJ). Inspector Yungender (Jagapathi Babu) is assigned the job to track these two people. Meanwhile RJ dupe mafia king pin (Pradeep rawat) and he is after them . How they escape and change for good is the rest of the story.

Ileans seems to have agreed to act opposite Tarun only for money she was offered, She plays her role to perfection but her costumes and make-up were not up to the mark. Tarun had done these kind of roles before so it was very easy for him to enact this role. Jagapathi babu was given a pivotal role and he sometimes overacts, but overall justifies his presence. Charmi is seen in a special item song, which falls falt.

Music is average and is a passé. I was waiting for the movie to get over as there is nothing much exciting to offer. Overall, movie is a bore in the second half and is a disappointment. Probably will run in B and C centers and people will forget this movie.

Verdict: Average.

PS: Krishna loved this movie and wants to watch it again (phewwww). I don’t mind unless he asks me to come along with him. Huh

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