Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pizza for dinner

“Do you know Pizza Hut has introduced new punjabi flavor pizza”, Krishna said on phone. Hmm. I know our dinner is going to be Pizza for the night. I don’t have any special liking for Pizzas or Subs, but after meeting Krishna, Pizza Hut has become our permanent hangout place.

We went to the near by Pizza Hut, Banjara Hills road. And it is full with crowd enjoying the pizzas. We ordered for a new flavour “full Punjabi” Kadai Paneer, Cheese Garlic Bread and some other pizza( I don’t remember its name). It was a good meal and we both enjoyed the pizza and looking at people around, discussing about lok sabha nuclear deal vote of confidence.

From there we headed to the new mall ‘Asoka Metropolitan’. I know he was not interested to come there as he hates shopping. And I had no clue that there was a new book shop which is opened. HuH. He was ecstatic in seeing the book store and I accompanied him. I am not a book freak nor even interested to look around. But I did found a children section which had good stack of soft toys and learning kits for kids. I adored them. Wanted to indulge in buying all those soft toys but I guess I thought its not a good time to buy. Had to drag Krishna, literally out of the store. Of course he did purchase his favorite author’s book before leaving (Robin Sharma).

We went to Music World and I purchased ‘Bhootnath’ DVD. Krishna said it’s a good ‘children’ movie and I would enjoy it. Yea! I was angry when he said that, wanted to shout “I am not a kid and this movie is meant for every age group”, but couldn’t. Chalo kshama karidiya.

It was a good outing yest. Felt like we had spent ample time after long time shopping together. Hope he agrees to come out to the clothes store today. He he he he. I know I am expecting little too much from a conventional husband. But what else can I do. After all I am a conventional wife.


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