Monday, July 21, 2008

Shop..til you drop.

Yea. I finished half of my shopping on the weekend. It was fun. After watching ‘Batman: the dark knight” at IMAX in the noon with my cousins, went back home and freshened up and then went to somajiguda along with my sis, mom, aunts and cousins. I bought a beautiful gold necklace with the money Krishna gave me. By the way movie was awesome and heath ledger as ‘Joker’ in the move has done fab job (sad that he is no more). Even Harvey Dent's character gives a kick to the movie. Christian bale has done a good job as Batman.

Here is the photo.

This week is gonna be another hectic week as Krishna is ready for another movie.
And I have to finish my remaining shopping to avoid last minute headaches. Will keep updated.

Happy week ahead.


  1. u have great writing skills. You can do full time blogging.

  2. Thank you, but for that patience is required. May be I will consider it when i have nothing else to do :)

  3. hey that looks really gud is it just one chain or a collection of chains ?? sorry not that gud with them :-/

    but it looks good... and i am very jealous of u caz u said u r having a hectic schedule caz of movie and shooping :(

  4. The four chains( step-chains) that you see below the small chain is the one I bought recently, I cannot take magal sutra chain right? And this was just a sample photo, I took on the same day.

  5. That looks good on you :)

    please dont show this to my wife :P

  6. Yea yea! don't show this small pieces to your wife. show something which is very costly.

  7. heheheheh so u got 4 chains at the cost of one... :P

    i hope i dont have to buy stuffs like this :D