Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shopping Season

I have started preparing myself for the celebrations that are around the corner.
Right from my birthday this month-end, cousins marriages (two of the most important marriages in our family) til my marriage anniversary on Aug-18th is gonna be one helluva time.

My sister bought quite a few stunning dresses for me as a birthday gift already. And I will anyways shop for the marriages and marriage anniversary. I am planning to take my younger cousins to shop to buy them small gifts. And where am I gonna get all the money from???? Oh my! I guess I never thought about it which actually drops me back with ‘thud’ to the ground from sky. Huh. I told Krishna the same thing.

Voila! He wants to be an angel this time around (quite a surprise, as I’am used to portray him as a villain so little difficult to digest). He promised me, he will transfer the amount into my bank account by this Saturday (its quite a huge amount), he even gave me an option for hard cash and accompany me to shopping (readers must have guessed I almost fainted).

I wish I had more time to shop. Office work is hectic and I can rely only weekends. These days Krishna is hardly in town and has very little time to spend with me. Same is the case with my mom n sis. I cannot go alone (fun of shopping is lost when you go alone). I just pray god to give me energy, patience and good deals on shopping ;)

Wish me luck.

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