Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bangalore Trip

I remember going in train when I was in my III standard vividly. That was last! I avoided travelling and was scared of journeys!

Krishna knows that I haven’t travelled in my life neither by train/bus nor flight after my III stnd stint. My sister Siri many times tried to push me to travel but I always made sure trips are cancelled. Krishna tried his best couple of times booking the tickets to take me out, I ended up cancelling them too.

So this time around when Krishna had to go to Bangalore to meet my friend (and his friend now) on business trip. He literally was after me to join him to the trip. Also my friends Usha and Sree warned me with dire consequences if I cancel the trip!
Finally, I boarded the train! Alas!! Usha checked on by calling and asking if I had boarded the train or not.

Train journey was fun and I enjoyed the window view after 5.00 in the morning as hardly I could see anything at night (It was AC coach).

We ended up landing in Bangalore very late. We headed straight to my friend Giridhar's house. We are family friends and Giridhar’s mom insisted that we stay at his place in Bangalore. His 3-bedroom flat was part of a big gated community with around 9-10 blocks and is on 9th floor at Marthahalli (near ITPL). The morning view of sun from the balcony was pleasure to watch.

After exchanging greetings with Giridhar, we refreshed and went out on roads of Bangalore. I was disappointed with the weather as it was too hot opposed to what I heard about the cool weather. Friends told me there has been drastic change in the weather from past two years cos of massive cut down of trees for the Metro rail project.

I liked the roads; though few roads are narrow I felt Bangloreans have sense of traffic unlike Hyderabadis. Most worrisome factor is traveling in autos. These autowallas dupe new visitors so badly. We had tough time commuting but thankfully with the help of friends we were able to use public transport effectively.

Our friend Hemanth, who came to meet us and take us around Bangalore, has shown us few malls and busy street Brigade road. I didn’t like the ‘Mall cultured’ Bangalore. We went back home tired and hit the sack.

Next day we were to meet my friend Adi (Aditya) at his house for lunch. Little pretext about Adi here. Adi and I met at an online social networking group 5 years ago. We haven’t met face-face though. Adi and Krishna are in same line of work and they had to discuss some business deal - that’s how we ended having a trip to Bangalore.

We were wise enough this time to use the public transport rather than hiring a cab service or take an auto. Adi’s place was at Yalahanka. He invited his three more friends from Bangalore to meet us. Adi n his lovely wife Lakshmi were great hosts. The lunch was lip smacking. While Krishna, Adi and other friends were discussing the business, Lakshmi and I had gala timing nagging about respective husbands! After Adi's place it was time to meet Krishna's childhood pen friend Madhavi's house. Madhavi and her mom were super cool to talk to.

Next day was a big day. Giridhar suggested we take his car to go to Mysore. We hired a Telugu speaking driver and started at around 7.00 in the morning and headed to Mysore.
We had tasty breakfast at one of the small hotels in Maddur and had the famous Maddur Vada. We covered almost all important sightseeing places like Sreerangapattanam temples, Tipu sultan gardens to Sangam river. After reaching Mysore, I tried my level best to find a good Mysore silk shop to buy a saree for myself but somehow felt it was luxury to indulge! We bought few Sandal related items like Doop sticks etc.
We visited the beautiful Mysore Palace – the architecture was a treat to eyes. After having lunch we went straight to the famous Mysore Zoo and Chamundi hills. I had lot of fun at Zoo. By then it was already late and we started back to Bangalore and reached home at 11:00.

Next day we started back to Hyderabad. After coming back to Hyderabad, I had to say to myself “Nothing beats home!”

P.S: Krishna is planning another trip already!! 

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