Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Ticket

“Acting bug bit me when I was in the college. My dad asked me to get trained in acting before launching me as a hero”.

This is frequently heard dialog from our ‘new gen’ Indian heroes. Not just bollywood but this is a routine dialog from Tollywood (read as Telugu) industry. I wonder if they are ever going to realize that acting doesn’t mean becoming a ‘Hero’. Duhh!

If we see the recent ‘big’ movies of Tollywood all ‘fresh’ faces (Hero) have been from affluent film families.

Four heroes of the Tollywood - Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh and Balakrishna are like pillars to the industry. Apart from Chirnajeevi, all the other three big heroes had solid background from the film industry.

Now their sons, nephews and nieces play major part in the film industry. Mostly daughters are not allowed to be a heroines as it is still conservative. How strange!!

Sad part is that industry outsiders are literally not allowed to play a bigger role in the film making( exception to Direction, it involves creativity) or acting roles. We will see one off cases like Ravi Teja who made it big with his sheer hard work through years but his recent success is after a crusade of hardship of 10-15 years and he has only few more years to play lead characters.

Take for example Mohan Babu. I always liked the roles he played in past whether as a villain or a hero; he is a self made man. But his desperate attempt to make his sons to get foothold in the industry is laughable. I can’t comment on their acting skills or looks, but as an adherent film buff I wouldn’t want to forcibly watch only ‘dimpled’ angle of his younger sons face throughout 2 and half hours! It is his fame and money power which is taken as a chance by new upcoming directors to make movies with his sons as heroes in a film. Otherwise would he ever put money on these poor little unknown directors and produce a film with outsiders in lead characters!

I’m not against this hereditary in the film industry. Allari Naresh and Prabhas are my favorite heroes and they have a solid backing when they were launched by outside production houses. Still Naresh proved he is a good actor.

It is just that how much as an audience can we take!!I agree many of them have talent but they should realize playing alone a ‘hero’ role is not acting.

How many of these new age heroes who have godfathers can act? Oh yea it will take 10 years for them but probably there are quite a number of unlucky stalwarts who are worth it but just cos of no backup or godfathers in the industry their careers in the film industry is never made. Many other people with the film background have taken the other paths in the same industry like taking up productions and marketing businesses. Take the case of Allu Sirish, he writes wonderful and thoughtful articles on film industry in his blog and his passion for the industry is shown in his writings. Of course his magazine is not released without talking/promoting about one of his own family members which sometime irks me a little but it is his magazine and I’m just a commoner to even comment on this. Right!

Also, I wish these new heroes realize that success is not instant and after few trails learn to say “Oh I think this hero thing isn’t working, let me give a chance for the audience to take a break from me”

I know am asking for too much!

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