Sunday, March 28, 2010

Confessions of a shopaholic

“I want to buy gold with the bonus money we got for March”, Ramya said.
Koti shrugged off his shoulders, as usual.

Koti and Ramya are married to each other for a year n half now. We all work in the same organization.
We sometimes take the same cab while going home from office. Ramya and I sit at the back to gossip, discuss and do the same fav time pass of nagging about husband materials.

This discussion of what to do with the money came up on Thursday. Just when we were planning what to do Mr.Krishna calls up and gives an unwanted advice asking me to invest the money for the next year tax planning. Huh!

I appreciated his good idea and asked to invest his money on my name! Remember my money is my money and your money is our money concept!! He sighed and ended the call.

Obviously when I told Ramya about this bad idea, Koti was in support of Krishna and was suggesting Ramya to do the same. All husbands are made of same material. Awk!

As Koti was going to Gurgaon office site for one day trip the next day, Ramya and I decided to go on a shopping spree on Friday.

We finished our office work on Friday and were geared up to go to the Somajiguda area which has around 15-20 famous jewelry shops. We got down the office cab nearer to Malabar Gold shop which has some offer going on for diamond sets. We had a ‘dekho’ at all those sets.

That’s not the end of it, we went around the whole area and window shopped around 10’s of shops. Ramya was just checking every shop to decide on where to buy her stuff. She told me she will come next day with her parents, in-laws and Koti to buy.

At last we were happy that we haven’t spent anything and crossed the road to take an auto home and my eyes got struck on the ‘Metro’ footwear shop. I told Ramya we will just have a ‘dekho’.
Shopping girls

After I saw these beautiful pair of platform sandals in maroon color I couldn’t resist. Ramya gave me the required encouragement and I decided to buy them. We were about to go and Ramya’s eyes were set on a beautiful clutch (purse). She decided to buy that. We were in the shop for not more than 10 mins and we decided on what to buy! We realized it is not a good idea to roam around as we sensed that the shop assistant was too eager to show us more stuff. Both of us swiped the cards and without even looking at any other shop we boarded the auto!

I called Krishna to pick me up and told him what I bought. He said don’t cry for the spent money it is ok!

But one has to look at Ramya and me at that time. We were so happy and excited with the outing that evening. We didn’t miss the husbands around, as they never help in decision making when it comes to shopping. Usually when I go out with Krishna and ask him to choose between two things he never gives me a proper answer. At least after picking me up and dropping home Krishna could've asked me to show what I bought. Nah! these guys can never understand that woman loves showing off!!

 My beautiful sandals in the box are looking at me. I think they are asking me when I would wear them. See I can understand their language. They are in the rack with the other 20-25 odd pairs of footwear of mine. I just hope my dad/Krishna wouldn’t count all the pairs.

Seriously retail therapy works. I can feel the peace.


  1. Lolz, What Joy !! ! You gurlz rock...

    Readin your Blog make me feel marriage is fun :D

  2. What the.. Never knew you blogged. And that also about the famous Loverturi!!